Friday, May 07, 2010

Where do I begin?

We had the back 40 done today. They cleaned it all up except for the broken branches from the trees...which pissed me off a bit, but later on I realized that was not in our contract. Okay. I can do that.

These guy use high powered leaf blowers to get the job done. In our front yard that faces the street, we had already taken most of the leaves off in fall, but they did a small clean up beside the house today, and must have blown some leaves on our neighbours lawn..........well I heard about those 14 leaves when she came to my house to present me with a gift for looking after her house for three months this winter when they were in California. She never even said thank you. They have been home for a month. She told me to phone the company we used to come and clean up her front yard. Yes.

As she was standing at my door, she commented that ...boy they really did a bad job because look at this mess. (on my front steps) Well, NO...that mess is continuous with our trees in spring. I didn't say anything, because I guess her trees don't make a mess in spring...and unlike me...she sweeps it up every ten seconds. Then she has the nerve to say that she hopes our new house won't be build before they take their next vacation next year! Well used and abused us enough....that will never ever happen again. And you can take that to the bank. I never get mad, but today I could have spit on her.

So tonight I went out there with a Safeway bag and a small rake and took away offending 14 leaves. This will be the end of our relationship Whatever...I spoke to our other neighbours outside for awhile and heard all about what she was doing to them....yikes....I may have to go back to work.....or leave the country...or move to our new house...any which way...I'm packing my bags. I was so hurt by the way she uses us...and what she is doing to our wonderful neighbours.

Three months of keeping house for this: It's a grim piece of plastic made in China. She could have included a bottle of wine...don't you think? Huh ? going to blow some smoke up a few asses around here. Now that's she's got a few minutes of time.


Sally said...

Some people don't know when they have a good thing (neighbor).

When do you think your new house will be ready? I know you must be excited!!

Poolie said...

That gift is so lame! I can relate. I have received some truly pathetic gifts in my life. We should form a club!

Brenda said...

Is that a cork screw? You could have used that to stab those 14 leaves in her yard. :-) Keep her straight Miz Joan!

Donna said...

Oldest trick in the book...she used that to come speak with you about those darn leaves!!!
She Probably grabbed it out of her kitchen drawer and came running! A Month??? Yeah, she was tricking you...geez Joan...She probably needs to be told the truth...I'm not shy, let me know if you need me!!!
You're TOOOO darn nice!!Lol

Joan said... are right on. I knew she had a motive when she came here. Both Gord and I have to grow a set of balls, because for some reason we are always being take advantage of.
Come on over...and kick some ass.

Nope... I will do that myself, I have to learn to stand up for what I think is wrong. And I will. thanks for the talking too.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a g.d.speculum!!! Was she or her husband a gynecologist and decided to get cute with some old medical equipment??