Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just settling in...........

Friday was a hectic day. Between our Grand Opening and my umm retirement it was busy. I'm glad Gord, Hippy Chick, niece Tammy and SIL Sheila could attend. There were tons of people there. We had three barbeque's set up and they were pumping out the burgers, smokies & hot dogs. It was really good. The company presented me with a gorgeous patio set for our deck. But, I don't think it will fit. So, I will save that for our new house. The guys all chipped in and gave me gift certificates for Future shop for Bath and Body Works. Apparently I didn't smell good enough at work.

Funny story. One Thursday...for some reason I woke up early..that never happens. And I got up and let the dog out, looked at the clock (without my glasses on) ...and did the old WTF I'm going to be late dance. Jumped in the shower, pulled on my hoodie and my jeans and flew out of the house. While I was driving to work I noticed that there wasn't much traffic for this time of morning (do you see where I'm going)? When I got to work ( I live only about 5 minutes away) ... I parked my truck and glanced over to the radio and saw the time..7:30 AM...I go to work at 8:30AM! Son of a bitch. I sat there for a moment, then backed up and went home. Gord was still in bed when I left. So, when my alarm rang at 7:30 and it didn't stop ringing, he got pissed off and turned it off. He lay there for awhile and realized there was no movement in the house, and got up. He looked for me in the house ...and then looked outside and saw my truck was he called my work and asked if I was there. One of the guys said they had seen me pull up and left.... haaaaaaa haaa. So when I got home.. I had some serious "splaining" to do ....geez. I didn't think this shit was getting to me...but I guess it was. I had another cup of coffee at home and went back to work later on.

It's going to be interesting now that I am home in the mornings. Because Gord rarely starts work before 10:00 AM. Call him semi retired ... he starts work when he damn well wants. We don't have any staff, so it's all cool. He is going to be totally annoyed with me taking up the bedspace in the mornings that he used to call his own. You should see the bed when I get home from work, you would think 4,560 thousands of elephants plundered it. He really likes all the covers all to himself.

I already started stuff.....I rearranged the living room yesterday, dusted and watered all the plants that were wilting. On Monday my office will get a face lift. Too much junk. I need some space.

So this is my busy list for now:

... Get up, have coffee...go on the deck with dog and throw ball...and drink coffee.
...Think about how to learn to knit
...Wave neighbours off to work
...Try to remove bird shit from the deck with my shoes
...Survey things that might need to be done
...At this point I would should say "take a nap"....but I don't do naps.
...Make lunch
... Eat lunch
... Take a the paper (multi tasking is still part of my life I'm not willing to give up)
... Watch All My Children...don't hate's always been on between 12:00 and 1:00 when I come home for I'm not giving that up while I'm still so weak.
...Plan to scan 5,678 pictures from family albums on the computer.
...Plan supper, go to the store and buy something totally different.
...Watch the clock because I am so used to doing shit by the clock it's going to take a 2x4 to the old noggin to make me stop it.

Other than that, it's weird.

Balonie...looking at life from the other side.


Brenda said...

Haha! I have gotten up and started dressing for work too early before but I figured it out before I actually got in the truck.

Throw that damned list away and just got with the flow. Have FUN!!

Sally said...

Awwww - Ms Joan, you'll either get the hang of retirement, or later on a parttime job. At least, that's what I did for a couple of years. Whatever you do, though, don't feel "guilty" for not doing something every minute of the day. You've earned the time now to do whatever the heck you want to. And, I wish you well. (hugs)

judemiller1 said...

Happy First Day--personally I take my dump in the morning--right after the cup of hot chocolate and reading e-mails. THEN I get dressed and decide what I want to do for the rest of the day. You can watch your soap--I do--everyday at 1:00-2:00. Love this retirement thing--you'll feel a tad lost for awhile, then you'll get the hang of it. Nice pix from workies!

Grandma K said...

I will certainly think of you when also watching "All My Children!" Been watching since episode 1. You will be surprised how quickly you become used to being retired.

Donna said...

When you start building the new'll be there..."helping" 'cha!
And I agree...throw that list won't Have to find things to do..they'll find you!
Hussy...i'm Still pissed!!Hahaaa

marblecopybook said...

Congrats Joan!! Have fun just thinking about all of the things you'll have time for now!

Joan said...

Thanks you guys..I'm trying but today was a bummer.

And Grandma K... I still haven't seen a request on my facebook...maybe I screwed up something in my settings... all you might need is my email address ..which is jsmartinatmtsdotnet (code you know)