Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bad Hair Day

I think I'm back on track, I spend at least two hours on my last post. It's hard writing posts that bring back good and bad memories. It's much easier being glib. So, I'll stick to that for awhile. That large humongeous, ugly boil has receded to a mere pimple now, but still is sore. I put peroxide on it, and was surpised that it stung so. I spilled it all over me private parts, so now my pub hair match my naturally blonde head of hair...(cough) ... That was until 1 hour ago, when I decided to change my LOOK...yesterday I bought me a hair makeover kit. It's the L'Oreal 6.2 Multi-tonal colour system, I chose a shade I thought would be appropriate for a woman my age.. "Praline". Now, when I picked "Praline" I was thinking about ice-cream not a hair colour. When I have Praline ice-cream, it is a darkish creamy colour, but unfortunately once you apply Praline hair colour to previously bleached blonde grey turned a magnificent colour of a rusted out Edsel..fortheloveofmike...but there was still a glimmer of hope gettin outta this...After all I bought the multi-tonal colour system, which meant after the colour is done, you apply streaks to the botched up colour job. They give you a little stick with a spiral brush on it, and you dip it in a lethal substance of white powder, strangely resembling "coke"...I took a snort, but all it did was bleach my nose hair, but I did feel a bit light headed after that. The instructions show, that you take this stick thing and take a few strands of hair and brush it through the strand. Well, for pitysake these broads in the picture have hair down to there butt. How the hell I am going to brush through 1/2 and inch? I just slathered the brush in a downward fashion over me bangs and hoped for the best. While I was waiting for the results I checked the word "hope" in the dictionary, just to see if there is such a said "desire accompanied by expectations" ..yeah well I.did.not. EXPECT to look like a friggin skunk..and I do. Call me "Flower." I look more like the word that follows hope in my was hop-head. So, I'm guessing to complete my LOOK, I should go out and get my face tattooed. Might cover up some of those wrinkles...who knows.

Off, to do a little blog walk, I am so far behind. If I don't get to it tonight, I'm hoping my boss will be golfing tomorrow and I got the whole place to myself..

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