Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Got my new glasses today

Actually, I only had new lenses put in my old frame..which I believe are "still" fashionable in today's world..not too big..but yet still small enough to be cool...and it cost $350.00 for lenses only!! This time I got the no scratch coating, and the non glare that means I will be able to drive at night..and not see little prisms of glare from other drivers headlights in my eyes....and if it doesn't work, make sure your children and loved ones are not on the streets when I'm doing my test drive. I looked in the mirror today after I got the new lenses, and I actually got to see my eyes...usually there is a glare coming off...blah..probably my imagination to offset the big price...screw it.....

You would have laughed at my old glasses I was wearing while I was waiting for the lenses to be made....they were "HUGE", but very fashionable in 1995. They were wire frames, huge, made with real glass, weighed about 40 lbs....and tinted "Rose"..all hippy like..worked for me..or worked for me then. I wore these glasses for 3 days while waiting for my new lenses to be put in my old frames, and I had such a huge headache, they were so heavy and gouged into my nose....people were even lookin at me stupid...including my dog. When I first put on the old glasses my dog looked at me kind of peculiar....yaknoo when dogs cock their head to one side...and seem to say..whatwereyouthinking!! grasshopper, then their tail goes down...and they growl...

Okay then, it's all going fine now....I can see ya'all need to poop up your fonts to 120 or so.

Worst part of having progressive lenses, in the beginning that sometimes "things don't alway appear like they seem"...take a staircase.. you are going down a step....and when you take a step down and mistake the stair beneath it for the one you meant to step on loose your balance and do a huge"face plant" and that is why older peeps have flat faces.. yup.. Progressive lenses have a range from top to - is to see farrrrrr away... like China. ...middle range .. is the important sucker..used for driving and going down stairs .. ..and last but not least the bottom range...(biofocial stuff ) to READ..shit.. very important part in my life..

Time to hit the sack...this daylite savings time has just frigging screwed up my mind...but it doesn't take much to do you may have gathered..

Folding up my tent
...might watch curling before I go to bed.. big game going on TV right now...or maybe not...I'd rather stick a sharp toothpick in my temple..

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