Monday, April 18, 2005

The Saga continues....

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As you can see from the picture, we were preparing for our maiden voyage...that would be Gord underneath the hull, pulling off old rotten boards, replacing them, and calking the rest.  After that we had to paint the entire hull with some kind of boat paint...I never thought this would be a yearly ritual, but it was. 

You see Sarah Cee was never suited out to be a yacht, for the rich and famous...she was just a big ole steel boat with a huge mother diesel engine, that was designed to run Lake Winnipeg, with the Board of fisheries of Manitoba as an inspection boat.  She was used as a back up to the coast guard, but that was not her main duty.  She would sail way back into Northern Manitoba to keep tabs on fisheries on the lake.  When we got her, she had already been overhauled, we never saw her in the original state.  Everything had been changed by the former owner the in-laws bought her from.

When I say in-laws, who put us up to this...I should clarify ...It was Gord's brother and his wife, and Gord's sister and her husband.  They were were very well off ..and Gord and I were struggling to get ahead at that time.   They both  lived on river propertys in huge houses, beside each other, and had room for a boat.  So, when their lives got way to busy while building their empires..we were given the option of taking care of Sarah..or they just didn't like us that much and wanted to see us die in the murky waters of the Red Red River..


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