Friday, April 29, 2005

Long time see

I have been in a gridlock.. nothing is flowing out of these fingers lately..I posted two blogs this week and deleted them..because they were lame. I have way too much going through my head. It's finally Friday, and I can relax, get my shit together after another stressfull week.

Actually, my boss was away and I could have blogged my pants off at work, but yaknow... I can't blog a word at work till I get home to me own computer and my own digs...I need to be here, at home to get the juices flowing.

So, ole juicy Joanie off to order in terrific pizza...start a fire in the fireplace and watch a lame movie....or if Gord's get his way..Larry King...(and he won't) because I have a hammer ready..and I know how to use it..

Shit... he and the dog already cuddled up on the couch...gotta fly....

I have to get my head together for tomorrow...I have stuff to SAY....count on it

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