Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday Morning blues.....and it's snowing

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Well, that's Gord in the "shitter' this morning...looking for the ass-wipe..we have to get indoor plumbing sometime soon!... Actually that rear end looks really familar, I think I know this guy!!

The weekend was uneventful, other than finishing up the income tax crap. I want everyone who reads this to get DOWN..on your hands and knees and PRAY that we do not get audited this year. I, in my infinite wisdom decided not to use Quicken for our accounting needs this year...only because me old puter crashed, and when I got the new puter, the old Quicken disk would not work, because it was from 1929 or was old. And, I was too cheap to buy a new one and did everything in Excel.

The wise thing to do would have been to do the accounting at the end of every month. Oh, no, way to easy...I would rather leave it to the end of the year and have stacks of file folders, bank statements ...blahhhh..AND try to remember where every dollar went. nuff....I'm so sick and tired of working all day, and doin books at night...I think we might need an accountant..who doesn't make up stuff like I do..he he.

I got me a little SIDE BLOG thing happening, I haven't put anything much in it was wondering today, what am I going to put in it?.... I really don't have much else to say other than in my was "free"..splains that I guess. I REALLY want a nice looking blog like the most of you have...I love all of them, especially ms is soo cool...all on linen looking paper and such...and the graphics blow me away...I want THAT.. I am a total graphics HD is just loaded up with them. I used to use them for computer scrapping, but since I started blogging I haven't had much time for that.

I guess it's time in the next few weekends to clean up the back 40. I have this huge garden that I am going to convert to a flower garden..or..sod it over with grass. It was my Mom and Dad's garden ...after they retired I offered it them, because there was no "green" to be seen on my thumb...and after they died, I have been trying to uphold ..the planting tradition of the garden planting...weeding...watering..blight...slugs..and all things gardening. I have decided I did not get the gardening gene from my parents....I f*kn hate's hot, tiresome, I get bit by "yellow-jackets" and swell up for a week..I have no ambition to keep it going...I love the market garden down the street! ...face it..I am lazy..

I ALMOST started talking about my mom here as she died 5 years after my dad died..and never got over it.. and we worked in the garden together without dad.....but this is not the blog to do would have loved her...sweet, soft, caring....and overlooked all my wonderful mom!! miss her a whole bunch, especially in spring ...when I see the empty garden.

Now, getting back to regular programming...I'm watching Gone With the Wind..part 2..on CBC tonite...and Scarlett had just made a dress from the drapes in Tara.... I love this movie..I'm going to sit down in my ratty ole recliner and wallow in it.

gotta fly....thanks for listening to my rambling !!

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