Friday, May 25, 2007

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I haven't made this template my home yet, because NOW, I have to be sure this is the one I want in order to put all the shitz on the sidebar and I can't copy and paste my links and so on. It's put a pretty big "boot to the head" for me. As you know I WAS THE QUEEN OF TEMPLATES. I have me some thinking to do. All the templates I like are still the old ones. I didn't mind the "flying geese" one, but it sorta looked oldfartie..y'know...and that just isn't me. It took me long enough (3 years) to figure out HTML, and then blogger pulls a fast one on me!

Did you hear the lastest? "Special K" beat up her neighbour with a rolling pin!! That is so cool. Go see for yourself (NOTE: she just took the post down) dang. It turns out she and her neighbour got into a row about the noise. The neighbour was about to beat her ass with a hockey stick NHL style, until SK, took to the kitchen and brought out the heavy artillary..her "rolling pin"...and the games began. SHIT! I love a women who stands up for herself. Especially with a rolling pin! Quaint, but effective.

It doesn't get better than that.

Kat, I sure hope she's gone for good. Disclaimer...that woman in the picture is not Special K. It's me. I getting ready for the Rolling Pin playoffs in Winnipeg next week. Yesteday we fine tuned our "rolling pin" stances. It's much like sword fighting but with a round wooden thing with a handle. Our instructor told us to face each other, draw up our rolling pins, and yell. "ohpie"!..which means, who ever looses has to roll the pie dough. After that we spar for a few minutes with rolling pins flying in the air, while trying to poke each others eyes out with the handle. The less eyesight the oponinent has, you win. I just love RPG (Rolling Pin Group.)

After class, those of us who can still see, or hear, or don't have concusions...make an apple pie. This place is a Rolling Pin Dojo. All our aggressions have been released, and PIE is on the menu. And, in my class if you don't bring vanilla ice-cream to top it off with, they smack you on the head with a rolling pin. AGAIN. It's not a sport for those who are weak of mind or spirit or anything at all. It's just plain crazy, yes crazy.

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Brenda said...

Hahahahahahaha!! Sounds like an excellent sporting event to me!