Friday, May 04, 2007

I bought me some new dud's

Youse guys have been telling me to do something for myself for awhile now. So, today I went shoppin!! I had a $100.00 dollar gift certificate for Marks Work Warehouse, given to me by our company for obeying the safety rules of the company for whole year. The guys all got jackets, but my boss thought it would be more befitting for me to shop for myself. Which I did. But the bonus was...I had another $10.00 coupon from Marks Work Warehouse, plus and 25% discount from another source with them. I was positively giddy today. Until I entered the store. I haven't been there for about two years, and most of it has been given up to more manly stuff. But, I did find the ladies section, and most everything seemed to be on sale!! Score. I'm thinking they are try to phase us women folk out, bastards!! We need work boots too if only to kick some ass!

Anywho, since I have lost some weight, I thought I would now be able to fit into stuff from a real store. And I did. Big time. I have not bought anything new for over three years, mostly because I am lazy, and hate shopping, plus I was fat. Which makes it depressing.

So...I bought a pair of LEE Jeans, my old fav., a ultra suede jacket(shirt) thing, and a new purse!! I only had an hour or so to do this, but I could have bought more, and I will, because I saved so much money, with my fricking coupons...I have 52.00 bucks left to go there again! ... to rearrange all their Jeans and shirts and tops and never put them back the same way I found them. I found a make work project for the sales clerk. She looked bored anyway.

I took pic' we go.

This was my old Grandma purse. Can you see where I stapled the shoulder strap? I have no shame.

This is my new purse. It is not real leather, but classy none the less. It will carry a ton of crap. I know I will not be happy with it, because the straps are too short and keep falling off my shoulder, but dammit, I will live with it, because I am all about fashion.

Then it was time to unload all my worldly possessions from the ole grandma purse to the new handbag. This one is not a "purse" is A "handbag" people. After all I have an image to uphold, now that I'm getting back into the swing of things.

Rubber never know when you will need one
Wallet...which holds everything which is important in my life
Keys...I have no idea what they are for
Cell phone...would someone call me? It's never rang!
Address book.. my lifesaver
Another book.., which I have never used, but it has a pen attached which could be helpful.
Some change..some candy..and nicorite tabs, just in case of an emergency where I can't smoke and get antsy..and some Tylenol caps for the days when the body aches.
My back-up CD's from work which I stuff in it every Fryday, and other shit.

My new jeans...not MOM jeans..real jean size 12! And mid rise..not low, because I don't want my fat stomach to fall to my feet and ruin the effect.

This is my new ultra suede jacket!! It fits like a glove, and looks soo good with my new fucking jeans!!

Note: size 12.

Check out the savings. I have 52.00 more bucks to go.

I did a fashion show ..

So, tomorrow I'm off to spend the rest, and probably a lot more...because I'm gittin crazy in the head.

I didn't post any pic's of the Lincoln today, because it's been raining but, I just might do a photo op, on Sunday if the rain subsides.

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