Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mother hen

I changed my template BY MISTAKE! I was fooling around with them yesterday and today, and holy moly, I ended up with this one that I had sometime back. I just left it there because I'm pretty well over template madness. The one I chose yesterday was pretty was nice, but it wasn't right, and of course I knocked off my haloscan gawdernit!! Nothing ever goes right around here..never.

Tomorrow I have to go fight with Gordon's doctor. The guy is a jerk! Dr. Who, increased his blood pressure med's from 2.5 mg when he was in the hospital to 5 mg. last month when Gord went in for a check up. He never even took a blood pressure test or anything, he just wrote a prescription doubling it for 30 days. He also prescribed a "hold" on another 80 day prescription after this one was finished where he pooped it up to 10mg.

WHAT THE FUCK! These med's usually take at least three weeks to kick in. Gord was taking the 5 mg. for exactly 3 weeks when he started to experience lightheadiness, and felt unbalanced. He has already been to the doctor telling him that he felt a little dizzy at times 3 weeks ago when he started taking them, the doc said ..."oh those damn pharmacists always try to scare you when you are changing med's" and tell you about every side effect and scare you." So, Gord believed him, and he didn't experience any side effects until this week. I checked out the "Altace" website today, and all my suspicions were confirmed. His blood pressure is going too low. He takes his pill about 10:00AM every morning and by 1:00PM he feels lightheaded. He feels this way all afternoon until about 6:00PM. And now this jerk is going to try to get him to take 10mgs.!!! He will be doing face plants!

I made an appointment for him tomorrow to get to the root of this crap.
Gord doesn't express himself in the doctor's office the way he should, and just leaves believing all this shit, and then we get into it when he gets home. I got my facts in my back pocket this time, and as a chicken shit I am about authority, I WILL be there tomorrow, this is way to important to ignore and hope it goes away. That is what we did with his symptoms last Christmas, and the doc never called up back after the tests. Not this time .. even if I have to conjure up "balonie"...she's the one with the big mouth. One of us will be there.

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