Friday, May 18, 2007

Why is there air?

Bill Cosby asked this at one time (before most of you were born); he said, blow up basketballs!

You are probably asking yourselves ..why is Joan using the ; after that sentence? I like using the ; when I feel like it. I have no regard for puncuation and sentence structure. I think I should use it more often, because it's the most lonely part of my keyboard, and I need to keep them all happy. I am all about keeping the peace.

I haven't used # for sometime. # has been bugging me for years...whining and crying..why aren't you using me? I sent # an email yesterday telling him,I don't need me no crybabies #. And don't be telling me you will need me when I using my cell phone.

Then % got on my case. Well, for the loveofmike, % percentage, how often do I use you? Once? Twice? a year? Go and take a backseat until I do my taxes next year. And by the by, I was not happy with my tax return.

*.. I hate you star. Everytime I have to call someone I have to press the *.. like who the hell do you think you are? A star? I don't think so, I am the star of my blog, so push off.

&... I likes you. You always give the pleasure of saying "and" without having to type it out..I loves you.

$ sign.. You are right up there with percentage...I gots no use for you.

^ I like you, you are perky, and that is all.

() I like youse guys because you give virtual hugs.

@ I like you too because you don't me type it all out AND you just look so cute.

+ hmmmmm you got it going always looks better when you are around.

- Go to hell

_ underscore... hmmm .. you are an evasive little bitch. I haven't figured you out yet. I don't trust you.

= Equal, is my friend, damit, I am a Libra and proud of it. I do a balancing act everyday.

! Oh how I love you explanion mark, you rock my world. I don't know how I would have ever blogged without you.

So that is why there is air...because I am full of hot bullshit air. I got enough for all of you.

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