Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My bum hurts

When I'm sitting in a chair. Methinks I have lost too much fat on my already bony ass!!

Speaking about weight loss, why does the weight loss NOT choose the area you want it to first? Try the midsection... y'know where the belly button meets your tits. I am perfectly happy with my non existent hips and skinny ass, JUST TAKE SOME OFF MY BELLY SO I CAN WEAR LOW RISE JEANS..OKAY?

I'm thinking, exercise might be the way to go to get all my parts looking ummm balanced. But, would that help me with the bum hurting? I don't think so. So, I have eliminated that thought off my list. I will put up with boneyasshurting, until I loose enough weight and if it still hurts I will get softer chairs. some of those ass padders..Have you seen them? Nice little foamy crap you put on your arse area to make it look bigger!! I might even get me some of those what we used to call "falsies." My breasts are getting non existent. I see people on the street staring at me wondering what gender I am. Especially on the days I forget to remove my facial hair.

It's all about your personal image isn't it? Apparently I have been forgetting about that, judging from the 4 inch hairs jutting up from my winter leg collection. Gawd, it took so long to grow it, how can I live without it? that it's all soft and BLACK...

Did you know... that when you get older your leg hair doesn't get all hard and sharp anymore when you shave it...not mine anyway. I'm guessing, if you have shaved it enough over the years, and broken up all the follicles, and scared them. You win. And that my friends is the only thing you win, Trust me.

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