Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A message to my neices & schtuff

Lisa and Cheri.....Do you asshats still read my blog? heh..that will get them out of their holes. Auntie Joanie can only be ignored for so long. An email might be nice, I'm getting older ya know.

Nothing like guilting the youngsters. Hey...I have a ugly mole. But don't worry it's on my lawn. HA

I have some pic's today of the flowers I am flowersitting for my neighbour whose husband had a stroke. It's still a big struggle for him and he is still not out of ICU after two weeks. God plays tricks on ya sometimes. My heart goes out to them. They had it all going, with early retirement and having time for themselves. gaaaaaa..

Isn't it bad enough that we are inindated with advertising everywhere we go, along with every radio and TV station we listen to....and then, when you are quitely sipping a gallon of wine on your own personal deck, whilst scratching your own personal privates, and picking your own personal nose, have assholes like these...about 100 feet in the air above your private space, looking at your crotchrocket. There is no privacy left in this world.

I could see them waving at me!! fortheloveofmike. Click on the pic!! Penny was going ballistic, barking "F*k youse guys, get offa my sky!! (she's Italian) She danced around the yard on two legs, trying to bite the balloon. Finally she scared them away, and I could scratch my privates in peace. That is why my friends, you should get a dog.

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