Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm getting pissed

Looks like haloscan thinks I need to post more often, my comments disappeared. Haloscan I'm givin you the stink finger, see me?

Finally I have an evening where I am not chopping, stir frying, meat cleaving and making more work than food should have to be. I bought processed food..yikes..don't kill me it's only frozen chicken burgers, but someone else other than me made them, so it's gotta be good. ANYTHING will be good as long as I don't have to cook it. Why don't they have low fat, cholesterol and trans fat free KFC? Why? I am sure they have a marketing department at KFC that would realize if you kill off of dem ole folks .. it's over baby. The new generation is on to you KFC. But, if you think of it, if they take the skin off the chicken, and bread it with the special seasoning and leave out the salt, and then deep fry it in Canola oil..what's left? Nakid KFC. They will have to call it NKFC for ole farts. Opps NKFCFOF. Sounds impressive, I will order it now, as long as I don't have to fucking make IT.If I am sounding desperate be it..I'm so tired.

I guess you know by know, I'm tired of cooking. Oh so tired. Oh so tired.

Tomorrow (Friday)our usual Friday pizza night).. I am ordering in "paper pizza." Paper is low in fat, but very high in fiber, I'm hoping they will have pepperoni graphics on the paper. Make that green pepper, onions, salami, beef, (no chicken) I can't even look a chicken in the beak anymore, never mind her breast. I need me some grease. Just a picture of grease would do me with cheese. Lots of cheese, high fat cheese...please. I will smear it all over my body.

In all my searches for new recipes, I found something we both like, SWEET POTATOES..yummers... we like em baked cut little cubes with a little piss drizzled on them. Just kidding, we don't like that, we would much rather have a little butter of them, but then we say to each other, ...would this be healthy?.. then we put the dishwater I have saved from the day before on them. Yum... and life goes on. Thank God.

See youse guys tomorrow. Our fav next door neighbours are having a hard time right now and need some balonie love. I will tell the story tomorrow.

Just a note...did you know Marie Osmond had 8 kids??? .. I got Larry King on in the background. They only showed her face, her vagina was probably dragging on the ground. Seriously, she looks great, and sounds like such a lovely person.

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