Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have a little egg on my face

Apparently, the doctor was not the problem, Gord was. I actually followed through and went to the doctor with him. 3 points for me, because I never follow through with my threats.

I guess Gord is in somewhat of denial, and I only get half the information I need from him. When I asked what the doctor said, he would say blah blah blah, ending with "I hate taking pills." I only heard blah blah blah ...because I didn't really want to know anyway. It goes two ways.

The end result was: all the pills he is taking is called a "cocktail" of new age myocardial infarction (fancy word for an incident) pills. "Altace" the blood pressure pill serves two purposes, one to keep the pressure at bay, the other is to condition his blood vessels to keep them strong. The pills come in three strengths 2.5 - 5 - 10 mgs. You are supposed to start at 2.5 graduate to 5 and for optimum performance go to 10. Side effects are usually dry mouth and light headiness. He only had the dizzy feeling everyday after taking the 5 mg. pill. Some people can't tolerate a higher doses, and that is what we are trying to figure out now, is his light headiness from the pill? So the doc pulled it down back to 2.5 mg. at my suggestion.

I hope I don't kill him with kindness and let the doc do his work. Maybe it's vertigo as the doc suggested or something else. Anyway, we will go this route for a week to see if he gets over that feeling.

I was truly surprised how much I liked the doctor. He answered all my questions about Gord's incident, and more. Of course when I got out of there, I forgot to ask the one I really wanted to know..fudge. I might even go the doctor myself, now that I'm not so scared of him. You see, our regular doc retired and he took over his practice, and I have never been back since.. in.... ohhhhh about 10 years.. yeah I know, don't give me no grief!

So, now that I know the whole story, I can store that in my very small memory bank, and quit obsessing. It's a good thing I never had kids, they would have been in the ER most of their lives. Don't ask me how many times I take Penny to the vet. Yet, when I do, it is exactly what I did to the doctor...and tell them this is what I think it is...let's do it my way. I am the caretaker so I think I know it all. I could kill both Penny and Gord with my obsessions if the doc's and vet's listen to my version. Seriously, it's really not that bad, but sometimes I think I embellish symptoms to suit what I think is wrong with them.

I took the whole afternoon off from work yesterday to go to the doc's with Gord, and it only took half an hour, so I treated myself to a much needed haircut, grocery shopping without having to be hurried, and did some browsing in the mall. It was very relaxing. Normally I try to do everything on the weekend plus housework and laundry. I need more days like that.

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