Sunday, May 20, 2007

I can't stop blogging!!

I got my blogging hat back on. It's a dunce hat, but a hat no less.

Know what I did today?

I didn't think so. About a month ago we hired "professionals" to do a winter clean up in the back 40. We waited, and then we waited some more. Nothing "professional" happened back there. In fact, it was starting to resemble a large bowl of oatmeal, with dog shit floating on top along with broken tree branches for dessert.

No good ever comes out of anyone we hire to do something at our house. Never. A couple of years ago, I hired carpet cleaners to do the rugs, ... they dropped some heavy equipment and it slammed into a wall and put a hole in it. It took a month to have it fixed, and it still looks like shit. The paint did not match. We had new flooring put in the kitchen, and the guy put too much glue where the flooring met the carpet, and there is a lump. I see it everyday, and I want to thump him each morning before I have my coffee. I can't let it go. When we first moved here, I hired a reputable company to fertilize our lawn to keep it green and shiny. About two weeks later it was dead as a doornail. Brown. It went from luscious to dead. Apparently an employee had an issue with the company and sprayed "Round Up" on all his calls that day. The company's insurance covered it, but the guys who redid it made a shitty job. It was never the same. Such is our life. About three years ago we hired a landscaping company to shore up the topsoil in the garden, and in the back yard. They put down "dust." I could have taken all the dust out of my house and put in the back yard and let it blow away, instead of paying them for dust. Until today, what dust they put down and didn't fly away, will not nourish a plant, and when we mow the lawn we have to wear gas masks. No good ever comes of phoning "professionals."

Gord has been phoning "professionals" all this week to come and look at the crack in the basement wall that has been causing us all the grief in spring with flooding. No good will come of this. No good... at all. If we hire him, either he won't show up, or he will further damage the wall, or he will set fire to our house.

Fortunately Gord is an Appliance Repair Tech, so we don't have to phone "professionals" to fix our appliances. But, it is odd, that when one has a "professional" at hand, how long it takes him to address the problem at home? Apparently, his customers come first. Well, at least he hasn't ever broken anything, or killed someone. Not yet..anyway.

Just a PS...

Sunday Night Supper:

Cut up 3 fresh chicken three breasts..slap me!
Garlic & onion

Fry it all up...add 1 can of reduced salt and fat mushroom soup (which I like to refer to as dishwater)along with 1/2 cup of chicken broth, then add two cups of mixed veggies of your choice. I added a generous amount of Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning Blend, plus pepper. Mix it all about. Let simmer for a year. Serve with brown rice.

Actually it was very good. We will have the rest for lunch tomorrow on toast. If we live.

I seriously want a banana cream pie...the whole pie...not just a slice. I can taste it. ... balonie is still sitting on my shoulder whispering evil thoughts in my head and I can feel her breath in my ear...bitch. But,....banana cream pie, much longer can I hold out. HALP

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