Sunday, June 03, 2007

Combo pack...Sunday and Monday


I am so tired I can hardly twipe. Another weekend in the back 40. I got my pond all set up, and my fake shit around it. Looks pretty good. Paradise it is not. By no means. It's a little shit pile of rubble around a fake pond. But as the perennials start pushing up their little heads, it looks ..ummm ugly but I can see some promise. Just a little mind you. Those f*n leaves we didn't rake up last year have come to bite me in the ass.

I quit early this afternoon, as Gord and I went a ms. hippychicks daughters grad party. She graduated with honors with a science degree. Now here is a girl, who had no education other than passing grade 12 a long time ago. She worked here and there and couldn't find her niche. She decided to put some effort into something she thought she would be interested in four years ago, went back to university...and clicked. Now Desiree is an honour student, plus she will be working for them until next year.

I sure wish I would have had that fortitude in my life. But, hippychick was always been a good role model, she went back to school when she was 50ish. I think her kids knew what it would take to get ahead. Her son Mike (fortheloveofmike) was there today too!! He flew in from Edmonton to come to the ceremony and the party unbeknowest to both of them. Desiree was tickled pink I tell you. Fortheloveofmike slays me, I can't believe his sense of humor. I could spar with him all night. Janis is one lucky mom. Sweet sweet kids.

Okay, it's only time until my keyboard stops working, someone spilled a little wine on it. Fucking dog.

By tomorrow all the keys should be tied up tighter than an old mans fart.

It's working fast, I have to pound almost all my keys already.

Lesson learned: drink dry sugar in there!! Spill all you want.

Or: don't drink and blog. That is not an option. kiddin...geez it's sticky in here, I will have to take the hose to it tommorow.

Having the noodles for supper tonight. Let's see if I still like em. I need some padding on me bum.


All the keys on my board work fine, did I imagine the dog spilling wine on it? OR was it "balonie." It's a toss up.

I made up some shit:

Nothing good can come of:
Pissing against wind, providing you are outdoors, in the privacy of your own "bush." And even so, you will get some on you.

Nothing good can come of:
Watching Larry King. Sooner or later you will feel like taking a fork, and sticking it in your eye....Gord! ... I'm looking at you bud.

Nothing good can come of:
Repeatedly trying to "click x" off DELL SUPPORT when it pops up on your screen when you are watching porn. It is so distracting and a cruel irony.

Nothing good can come of:
Buying new sandals, and your toenails look like talons on a eagle. A chain saw might solve the problem, but only after you have soaked them in vinegar for a year.

Nothing good can come of:
Wearing your face on your sleeve. Always look vacant and little scary. Then nobody will ask you "how are you?" Even if you answer the phone, be evasive, so you don't have to answer that dumb question... "how are you?" they care. Stop it, with the formality it drives me up a wall. State your case, and get it over with. I get asked that question 35 times a day at work. I am sure they don't have the time to hear how I really feel. And of course all you can say is "fine"...BUT I WANT TO SCREAM, STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I think a more appropriate way to address a person on the phone in the office or in real life, would be; "what's shaking?" And then I would say...NOTHING "but the leaves on the trees." Then I would come off looking really cool with my retort, and wouldn't have to say "fine." It would take care of so much stupidness and the caller would be pacified. Can you tell I have been doing some "deep thinking?" lately?... heh. Yeah, that's me .... the deep thinker. Make that the teep dhinker.

My goal is to get more bitter..than "Bitter Betty". Or is that bitterer. I want to win. I want my life to be worse than hers. Bring it on Betts. I bet you just hate being called that! Canada in engaged in a war on mennonites...nothing very good could come out of that, so I'm going to save my heritage. And learn how to dance, smoke, drink and trash the Catholics.

Okay, I'm done...have a good week and see youse guys soon. I'm feeling writey these days so if anyone is still tuned in I may just bore you with some pictures and shit. Mostly shit mind you.

So, how are you?

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