Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm still a social butterfly

Another housewarming party last night. Greek style. We had uncles, aunt's and children coming out of our ying yang. Strangers kissed me on both cheeks,(the one's on my head) and got a little slovaki on me, but I didn't mind. It tasted pretty good. Now, those Greeks, know how to throw a parteeee.... I swear the table in her dining room was the size of ..let's see...okay LARGE.. very large. It was filled with everything you could possible imagine that is Greek. She called it "finger food," I called it a free meal at a Greek restaurant.

They have a restaurant right beside my office, so they are in the business of cooking, but my lord......

...Then from no where a thundercloud appeared, then another, and lighting and more lightning happened. Gord and I got into FATKAT..our vintage Lincoln, and started to head home. Hoping like hell there would be no hail, or tornatos. We got about 4 blocks and it started to rain so hard the windshield wipers could not keep up. Just the day before on Friday when we were coming home from the Golf Tournament, a tornado tore up a small town just 30 miles from the I was mighty worried. When we finally got to our street, the power went off, but we could see the downed trees on the street. We dodged them and got home safely...pheewwww.. it's been a very wet and turbulent June.

You should have seen the glass of wine I was poured yesterday at the Greek party. The wine glass was as big as a bowl, and she filled it up. What's a girl to do, drink it! And I did, but within a two hour period, with ice. But now that I think of it, I was taking down email addresses from people I don't even know. My mouth methinks was flapping a bit. I was telling stories of our past that would make your hair curl. There was a lot of laughter, and a lot of "I can't believe what the two of you did".. Hey, me an the boy had us some crazy times. I'm telling these stories to couples who are like 35 years old and their eyeballs were bulging.

Those times were the best, no worries, just go out a do what you do.

Waz up for Suppaz you is asking me? Chicken. Yes my friends, why not cook a chicken in the oven when its 30 degrees C.? And the humidity factor is 100 percent. It doesn't really matter because I got the AC going full blast and I can't go outside because the mosquitoes will use me their supper. I love summer in Winnipeg. I'm thinking about getting my winter template out, but of course I can't because I have been taken to task. A task I very much enjoy by the way:) Hey, I started it.

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