Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm back in the sunset years of my life

This is such an excellent template as opposed to the others I have tried, I'm going to make it my home. I'm settling down. Hanging up my skates.

I know, there will be some flack, and naysayers, (SK) but unless someone comes up with a great Christmas Template, I will change it for the season, but until then, I'm here to stay. Phewww, what a relief! Now, I can start re-arranging my new/old room. First, I have to get a new picture of me taken. I pretty well look the same, except a little thiner, more wrinkles, a horn is started to protrude in the centre of my forehead, other than that, not so much...Ohhhh yeah I forgot, my moustashe, let's get that sucker under control before someone clicks my pic. While re-organizing I think I will forego the "weather pixie" in our our area, and the clock thingie. I don't really think you care how cold, or warm it is here, nor what time it is. By the time you read it, it could have changed 50 times. The weather that is, but time will probably stay the same...duh... How comforting. Being in my golden years, you guys will always know what the weather is like, because I will bitch about it, so who needs that little that little weather pixie "ho."

I'm going to find me some fine and interesting things for my sidebar in the days to come that will make this blog a home. And sometimes unacceptable..heh, that is what I strive for.

I'm on a roll.. I'm building a blog house!

Don't try to stop me!!

I said.......don't try, because those birds "way up there" are trained to fly into your screen and poke your stinking eyes out. So, don't mess with with them.

Be afraid...

Joan/balonie..joint effort.

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