Monday, June 18, 2007

I forgot to post something yesterday

I'm two weeks in with this template. Anyone want to make a bet I don't last until next Christmas?? Bring it on! I bet you 5 bucks I will make it. If I don't, I will pay each and everyone of you 5 dollars Canadian. Now, you Americans might scoff at that, thinking our dollar is worthless. You are wrong, our dollar is coming back! We have even started to shop across the border again. Put your money where your mouths are, because I'm gonna take youse guys on. I'm looking at you JimBob and Special K. And I think there are more of you out there.

Yes, I can see the vacant look in your eyes, and you can barely hit the "comment" key, but you know what! only a "chicken shit" would not step up to the plate and try to bring me down. Hey, five bucks is five bucks, all you have to do is sign on and tell me you think I am full of shit. If I fail, the cheque will be in the mail before the new year.

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