Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dear Dad

How I wish I could dance with you again. I would stand on your shoes and you would stumble around with me on your feet and pretend to dance with me. I thought you were a magnificent dancer. There wasn't much you couldn't do in my eyes, except for the piano incident. You never did build me one. But, I guess after years of hearing me sing off key, you probably put that in your "hold" file. But, hey, I appreciate the lie, ..but not so much for the rest of our friends and family who now could not tell me the freaking truth and say... "quit singing Joan." stink! fortheloveofmarioalanza! Look what confidence you gave me! I sang loud and hard until middle school, then one day in Choir practice I was told to "only move my lips." I was crushed. But that didn't really stop me. I decided I could sing, my only problem was I could not reach the high notes, therefore I decided to be an Alto. Then, when the alto parts came up in song I would sing out loud, and sometimes that worked and sometimes, it did not. It was finally decided that if I wouldn't just move my lips, I would have to be removed from choir. Bastards.

So, I had only one recourse, I didn't have piano, or any other instrument at my disposal to learn how to sing. But, we had a couple two doors down, that probably were in stage 3 of dementia, and they had an organ, that hadn't been tuned since 1941. I would go over there every evening and pound on their organ. (sounds a little ummm dirty) but that is what I did, and they loved it. I WAS THE BEST ORGAN PLAYER THEY HAD EVER HEARD) All I could play was Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Jingle Bells. But, hey ...they were lonely, and a little fried, and I needed a piano/organ. We worked well as a team.

Finally the son and daughter of the couple put a stop to it, because they were just having too much fun. Bastards. They put them in a home. I wanted my dad to buy the organ, but he said ... don't worry, one day I will build you a piano. ~~~~


It's been a good weekend. I have almost finished the yard work, I brought the outdoor carpeting up to the deck and stairs and nailed them down for another season. Then put up the patio set. It's looking a lot like summer around these parts. Especially with mr. and mrs. mosquito. Bastards. I always pray for a mixed summer of rain and sun, but shucks, we have had a lot of rain, and hence the mosquitoes. I didn't even see one of those suckers last year because it was so dry, but mannnnn the yard looks so lush with the moisture, I can live with it.

My ass bone is still hurtin.. I will just have to quit loosing weight...144 today!! I am wearing low rise jeans sucka's....I buy them from Value Village, no point buying expensive jeans only to fill them out again. But, I don't think I will. I likes a deal anyway, predriven jeans or not. I can only imagine how happy those pants were at one time. I'm hoping they will make my pants happier. They were probably at a lot bars, taken off by men with muscles and lies. The jeans I used to buy, "the old lady" one's used only give me the feeling of smelly old ladies. Someone peed in these here jeans. I like my new predriven jeans, but I might have to check for semen stains. There is always a down side.

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