Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look at us

We bought a piece of property today in a forest. A forest on the outskirts of the city I didn't know existed. It's only about a mile and half from my house.

Who knew?

I should get out more often as I am told by my friends. Gord wanted this property for a very long time. I was the nay-sayer and would not even go out to look at it. Today I took off my blinders and fell in love with it. It's still under construction, and has to be built up to meet flood levels from the river that runs beside it, but it's ours! My own personal forest. I even found deer tracks all over it.

This year has meant many changes in our little Attitude Adjustment Hour group... Hippychick sold her house in the city and bought a house and a couple of acres in Ridgeville Manitoba, a sleepy little town of about 20 peeps, it's about 100 km. from Winnipeg. She is planning on retiring in about a year or so, and is setting herself up there for now during the weekends, but is still working and living in the city until the time comes. She won't be coming to AA hour a much anymore, but we will try to visit and she will probably drop in now and again and give us a piece of her wisdom.

Sheila, after living in a rental townhouse for umpteen years, has bought a trailer and is living in the most beautiful trailer trash park in the city. She is so happy. Freedom at last! She can do what she wants with the place, loves mowing her lawn, and flirting with her male neighbours. I have a feeling there is a "desperate housewives" thing going on. She really loves it, and her grandkids live just up the street, and can now come to Grandma's on their bikes.

Gord's bro Ron, who also is a AA hour regular...has been so busy this year with his work, he hardly has time to come over anymore.

So, times are a'changin... nothing wrong with that. I think they stayed the same for too long anyway. Personally, I am way to set in my ways, which has been pointed out to me many a time.. So, I'm taking the risk. I am on board with the new house, and let the the games begin.

You see we are a group of five, Sheila and hippychick have experienced Cancer and won, Gord had an "event" ... Ron, fell through the first level of a building he was inspecting to the basement floor, and only had a concussion, and a dislocated shoulder... and managed to find a ladder to climb out of the basement with a bleeding head. We are tough group. So far nothing bad has happened to me..touch wood, I have to be strong for the rest of them..heh. And if something did, I know they would be there for me. So, if AA hours dwindles, it's okay, because everyone has to do their shit, and when they have had a hard day, they will still know where to come for a fix. We will always be here..or in the woods at our new place making out in the forest. Did I just write that out loud?

Here is my forest, the cleared land in front is where the house will be and on the right past my truck will be protected land so we will have no neighbours there. Heaven. There will however be houses build to the left of us and two further up. But, it will still be very secluded.

This is our lot!!

Click on it to see it real good..........

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