Friday, June 22, 2007

Come a little closer... don't be afraid...

shhhhhhhhh.... I have something to whisper in your earlobes. IT'S RAINING AGAIN!! fortheloveofmike! I have mosquitoe bites the size of the empire state building on my forehead. They are quite attractive if you are a unicorn. Now my whole body is in disrepair. They always say the face is last to go, and so it came to pass.

But, when one door closes, another opens, it seems I have become a social butterfly. Yes .. me..don't look so shocked! In the last two weeks I have attended a House Warming Party, and tonight a Dinner after our annual Golf Tournament at work. I didn't golf. But I ate the company food that was provided at the club house. It was really good. At this point anything would be good, because we haven't been out for lunch, supper and any damn thing for three months, and my offerings are getting old. There was roast beef, meatballs, two different salads, a bean carrot "medley"..heh I just made that up...that would be a bunch beans with some cawwots, and along with the best pumpernickel rolls I have ever put in my pie hole. It was served buffet style, and I made sure GORD was right behind me in line so I could see what he was putting in his plate, using the eyes I have in the back of my head. I had to turn around ever so often and knee him in the groin, when he took too much of a bad thing. He was pretty well doubled over by the time he got to the meatballs and roast beef, thus leaving a lot of veggies in his plate. Damn I'm good. I am not a dessert lover, so when it was time for that tray to be served, I went out for a smoke, leaving him to his own devices. I know how much he loves sweets, but I thought I would give him the benefit of the doubt. When I came back ten minutes later, he was just finishing a small piece of cake, and I thought that was pretty good, until all my guys at work ratted him out. He was trying to get more cake but they gave him so much grief, he let it go. Bastard. I am so glad God gave me eyes in the back of my head, normally it pisses me off when I get a haircut and the stylist keeps complaining about them "looking at her." But, hey they come in handy; I get a good haircut and my husband is scared of me. That is the way it should be. It's the Canadian way.

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