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April 14, 1962

April 14, 1962.

46 years ago....he gave me his school ring .... and we started to go steady. Oy! 46 years ago.........

I remember it well, (forgive me, I may have posted this before)...but shut the hell up, I'm old I'm allowed to repeat myself.

My parents went to the city for the weekend and left me in charge of the house. heh..t r o u b l e. 17 going on 18, something was going to come down.

It was a Saturday night. Gord, myself, Hippychick and her boyfriend had a double date. We went to Neche North Dakota, because the guys could get into the bar before they were 21. Both of them were only about 18 years old, but in those days the bars never really checked for minors. They loved selling the Canucks liquor that they couldn't get at home where every knew them. That is just the way it was.

I can't remember how the night really went....but I am sure we all went to "lovers lane" down by the river and had some refreshments....normally that would have been Lemon Gin, because that was a proven "pantie remover"... in my day. I think there was a whole lot of "necking" going on, because this was a double date...two horny toads in the front of the car and two in the back. It was sweaty. Sometimes when Hippychick and I had to go to pee behind the car.... they thought it was hilarious start the car and take off and look at us pissing beside the road. Hardee har har.

We always had to be back into Canada by 12:00 because that is when the border crossing closed. That night Hippychick and I decided we really liked these two guys and we really wanted to go steady. We may have talked about it as we were sticking our cold asses in the snow trying to pee, while the guys left us in a cloud of gas fumes.

We still had a few bottles in the car that we hadn't finished, so it was time again to smuggle what was left under our blouses..jackets...back into Canada. Usually that was never a problem.

Then we went back to my house. My unsupervised house. Party time. We had liquor, sofas, and beds.. and a mission. I won't speak for Hippychick, because I can't remember if her mission was the same as mine......but I wanted Gord's highschool ring...and I wanted to go steady with one guy. The year before that had been kind of dry, I dated a few guys from my town, but I was always attracted to the guys who weren't from our town like Gord. They always seemed so much more dangerous, rode motorcycles and drank illegally in the US. Hey, I liked them. Best of all, they weren't Mennonites. And they made my parents crazy.
I had picked Gord earlier on in. He was sweet, elusive, cute, and a little dangerous...he didn't like to follow the rules. (later on in life I found this traight to be some what tiresome, ) but that is for another blog.

By the end of the evening I had his ring. April 14th. 1962. I probably had to get him drunk to give it to me, but I never gave it back either. I still have it. I wore it with a whole bunch of tape tucked in behind it for a long time. Then I think I wore it on a chain on my neck.

Hippychick, if you are reading this, please comment because I think my readers...if I have any would like to know your spin on this. Did Melvin give you his ring that night too? I can't remember. Janis....can you believe how long ago this was!!! It blows me away. It doesn't seem like yesterday, but it sure as hell doesn't seem like 46 years ago either. I know for a fact we haven't aged a bit. Gord and your ex (Melvin) sure as hell look like ole geezers.....

I just brought out my diary.

Apparently my memory is flawed. What I said further up really happened, but not on that night. It happened on most weekends if I am correct much later... UNTIL SOMEONE GOT HERSELF KNOCKED UP....I'm looking at you hippychick:) But on the night in question April 14, 1962 the entry read:

Dear Diary,

Melvin, Gordon and the guys came over to my house real late around 12:00 ..they were in Neche and got some booze. They came back to my house after the had hamburgers at "Glenn's."

side note: (those bastards didn't even bring us a burger) ...Janis and I were waiting for them. We had the house to ourselves for the love of God and nobody showed up until 12:00. Bastards. is the rest:
They had Mart with them too. Well diary, we had some refreshments (Note: I always said refreshments just in case my parents read my diary and would think I was drinking a Pepsi).

Well we had a ball! (Note: I always said that just in case my parents read my diary and thought I was dancing instead of doing... you know..) kissing and shit. My brother had a way of finding the key to diary and I always had to speak in code...that little bastard!

The guys only left around 2:00 ...boy IT WAS A BALL.

I've got Gordies ring now! I really like him a lot.

We are going steady!!! Bye. April 14th. 1962.

It's funny how you think you remember an occasion, but when look up the cold hard facts and it's not quite the same. I am really glad to have the diary, because sometimes it keeps me honest.

I found a pressed rose in it. But I have no idea where it came from. I am sure Gord gave it to me on an occasion I intended to remember.


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