Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have been burning the midnight oil doing income tax prep work. This is my 3rd Sunday I have given to Revenue Canada .. should they not give me a discount for doing all the bookwork? Plus I have taken tomorrow off from work to finish it off. Those bastards owe me a shit pile of money. First they want you to keep your books in order, and then they have the nerve to ask you to bring the fricking records to your accountant to do your tax return.

This time of year brings hardship to my soul. For example, this afternoon, when I was up to my ass in spreadsheets, numbers...blah blah.. It took a turn for the worse. I made a very bad decision while sorting a excel spreadsheet. You don't want to know. I should have know better. But that spreadsheet is now in God's hands. And I fully believe, he see's everything that was somehow deleted from one's computer, I am praying he will somehow deliver that back to me tomorrow morning. I have faith. When I open up my email tomorrow, I will have one from GOD. I checked a few times today...nadda...but I will wait.

I have a back up spreadsheet, so I can start over. But I don't want to. I had planned to get this bookwork over by lunch tomorrow on my day off, and make myself pretty. Do shit I don't have time to do on the weekends.

I got a haircut on Saturday...which, by the way, looks like an old Princess Diana do. I like it. But of course I live in the past. I went through hundreds of hairdo's on the net, and always found myself back in the past. I loved the old Jane Fonda shag in the 70's, I love love love that look, and I wore it for many a year. But, now that I am older I just can't be bothered to grow my hair that long. I actually cut my hair myself in those days and shagged myself with pulling up the scissors while cutting. Another look I like that has come back is ...they used to call the Sassoon cut, shorter in the back and longer in the front. But that wouldn't do for me, because my chip monk cheeks don't need any attention put upon them.

So, if I get the bookwork done early tomorrow, I might just shave my legs, get an axe and chop off my toe nails, who have started to turn into cement, hem a few pairs of jeans... and just do something for myself for a change.

Wish me luck.

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