Friday, April 25, 2008

My greaves for summer

We had some snow and ice today, now ain't that a fucking way to greet spring Mother Unnatural? What happened to your "all springy" crappola. I had to wear my parka to work today muttah, and let's not forget the face plant I did in front of the door at work today. You put it there, now clean up your mess. Our first aid kit came in handy after I knocked my noggin into a glass window. One more trick, and you will be kissing my ass. Do you have cold lips?...if so don't bother because I have people who I am more pissed off than you, that have warm lips. So lets call the whole thing off.

This spring I have finally started to walk like a normal person, heads up, not looking down for icy patches. My gait was strong and assertive, instead of looking like a dog looking for a place to take a shit. Now, I'm looking back down again, at the dirty streets, filled with cigarette butts, the occasional old lotto 649 ticket someone threw away, (which I put in my purse just in case it was a winner and they lost it,) A penny! I guess someone thought they were to rich to keep it, a soggy old grocery list with the ink all smeared....and on top of the list was Tampax ..I hope she got there on time...a bill of lading from one our suppliers I had been looking for since last fall....faded yet legible, now I can get off their ass, because we didn't know if we received the goods....Yes spring is coming, slow, and ugly.

I was kinda worried yesterday with the ice and all. The trees make a very weird sound when they are coated with ice. My truck was covered in ice yesterday when I went to work, and after I had gone a few km's the engine warmed up and holy moly started flying into my windshield from the hood of the truck. Fuck...I ducked!! It was funny how your instincts take hold.

Hopefully, by Monday all this shit will be over. I will be able to walk without looking at the ground and wondering if the next "face plant" will put me in the ER. Or with our Lord, I'm not ready for him to take me just yet. I got shit to do, and people to piss off.

I was laughing at myself a teenie little bit today, when I remembered I bought my dad some kind of device to put under your shoes when you were walking so you don't slip on ice...because he was so frigging old and loved to walk every day. Well, I think he was my age right now when I gave them to him.......he never wore them, and looked at me like I was a "tool." The same way I look at anyone who tells me what is "good for me."

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