Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's all done

Now that we got that shit out of the way, I get to have a few minutes to myself. Until next year. I have to get a cleaning lady in here, I can't go on like this much longer. I don't have.one.fucking.minute.to.myself...none. I'm getting crazy. Dust bunny's abound, mirrors are coated and dull, floors are dirty, how did I ever have time to blog in the olden days. heh. Time is a bitch and takes a toll.

Gord made out like a bandit. All the hard work doing his books paid off. We still have to pay, but not as much as we anticipated. It was worth the weekends I put into it.

I'm getting back a hundred bucks from my income tax....ohhhh what should I buy? Such a windfall!

Wish List:

1. A cleaning lady. Preferably and old Mennonite lady who has serious cleaning issues...maybe not...that would be me, I have serious cleaning issues, I hate THEM. I need someone who will do the cleaning for $100.00 bucks for the whole year. That's all I have people. My windfall.

2. OR... I could put the hundred bucks in the bank to cover the costs of Penny's vet bill...but it wouldn't cover it, so fuck that.

3. OR... I could take it to the Casino and double it up. But, no, I am Casino challenged I don't know a spade from a rototiller. I dig them both, I wouldn't know which to choose. Don't tell me a pack of cards doesn't have a rototiller card? I'll be damned. No wonder I loose all the time.

4. I came up with the one thing I really want. I will donate it to the Humane Society. I won't miss it, and some little critter will benefit from my donation. And it won't be all about me. But from me. I loves me some critters.

So, just to catch up with youse guys, I have been buying new clothes since my weight loss. Yep. Gone are my old hoodies and jeans, replaced by classy clothes from Giant Tiger. What? you haven't heard of Giant Tiger? The sell clothes to people who only have a limited income, and still want to look good. Well hell, yes...I am still wearing hoodies and jeans, but they are from this century. And they are cheap. Like me. I can never buy anything expensive because who knows when I will start putting on the pounds again. Then they all go back to Value Village and the process starts all over again. I have done this 4 times in my long life....and it's pissing me off.

Gord finally sat me down last week and said, buy some GOOD clothes, not the cheap crap. You deserve to have clothes that you feel good in. I hummed and hawwed and said...well ..okay and before he could say "is supper ready"... I was in my car speeding to the mall.

I have to say, I was never reallllly fat each time I gained weight, I probably weighed about 165-70 lbs., but it's all about body image anyway. I feel really good now. I do. I can layer my clothes, and wear a T shirt underneath my jacket or shirt without feeling like a whale. I have started to wear make up again!!... I am re-piercing my ears this weekend...the old holes dried up. And... I see a tattoo in the near future....right smack dab in ... well I will let you know when I find a place that doesn't have old lady liver spots on it. kidding...I still have a few sweet spots:)

Wanna see? Damn that camera the batteries are always dead..yeah .... Joan you stinking liar.

Well, I have certainly have talked my head off tonite. More to come if I finally have time to use my new camcorder I bought a month ago. I have so many new interests going on.... did I tell you I bought two new pairs of shoes, and one of them had "heels." Be ready for a "Face Plant" blog, I am sure I will fall and hurt myself. But when I bought them I felt so tall!! I was walking around with them on in the store, and looking down at all the short peeps. I felt like the Jolly Green Giant....and fortheloveof"nike"...if I didn't step on some kids sneaker, and his foot was still in it. He was sitting with his mom while she was trying on some shoes. He didn't cry, but I felt bad.

Okay...I've gone on long enough...but I have so much to write in the weeks to come. Finally -

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