Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's getting better

Not only is the pressure of tax time off my weary head, Gord has meeting tonight and won't be home till ten. I don't have to make supper, I don't have to do sweet shit all. I got the place to myself. I took Penny for a run and for tonight my job is done.

I bought two deep fried breaded chicken pieces at Safeway, and a small container of macaroni and cheese for my supper..halleluya...grease at last...grease at last. I still have some peas and carrots left over from last night, so I am going to pig right out. But, I don't think I will eat the breaded skin of the chicken, I will just squeeze the grease on my body so I can smell it the whole night long. Sometimes a girl needs a little oiling up.

We are in the midst of getting quotes for someone to paint our house and do the necessary repairs around here.....and there are a lot of them. Two weeks ago, Gord went to the Home Show, and met a kindly gentleman from Home Depot and told him what we needed to be done in our home before we sell it next year. Gord liked him and thought he might be the guy we needed + Home Depot is a trusted name. The guy called on Monday and Gord set up a date on Tuesday for the evaluation of the costs.

Now, I have to tell you, we want the whole house painted - 4 levels including ceilings, plus some work in the rec room where we had to remove a small wall when we had water coming in last spring. We needed two fachia boards on the outside of the house to be replaced and one window painting of our small deck and the fence. $15,000.00 dollars was the quote.

15 grand!!!

Gord almost shat his pants. And so did the estimator, but it wasn't IN his pants, apparently he stepped in some doggie do do outside..heh...

As they were coming back into the house, Gord said the guy was getting a little more aggressive about what needed to be done...blah...blah... They sat on the deck and went over the numbers etc. and Gord told him he would think about it. The guy got all huffy and shit and said, his numbers were in range with anyone else's, and wanted Gord to sign on the dotted line. Gord told him we are doing estimates only right now, and not signing on any dotted lines. He turned into Mr. Grumpy...and before Gord led him back through the house he asked him to take off his dog shit laden shoes and cleaned them up for him. He left in a huff.. bastard.

Later on, Gord and I read the contract he wanted us to sign.....he didn't have anything to do at all with Home Depot. Other than being a private contractor that PROMISED to use Home Depot products when doing the painting and the small reno projects.

For that price, I could take off work for 3 months and paint till the cows come home. The carpentry is so minimal we could probably do it ourselves....but WE are not good at wood and saws and shit. If we need anything fixed around here, like cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, anything that has a motor Gord is your man. But broken wood, makes him cry.

So, we will be getting more estimates. But I have the feeling I will be doing it myself, like I did it the last time, except for the ceilings, I don't think I can do that. Cathedral ceiling are like "high." I might have to get a pair of stilts. Remember in "Friends" when Phoebe found out her dead beat dad liked to walk in stilts....sorry I still find that episode funny.

Okay ....I got two pieces of greasy chicken with my name on cheeeeeessy macaroni ... and I can watch American Idol with no conflict. It's heaven.

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