Monday, July 07, 2008

I gotta get this place spiffed up a bit

I have been neglecting this blog and also my food blog. When summer comes there doesn't seem to be anytime for anything else than yard work. I'm hoping to take two weeks of holidays in August and regroup. At least by then everything should be in place, but by that time it will be fall and I will have to be starting to rake the leaves. What the hell?

We had rain all day today, and I loved it. A nice gentle rain. I can actually see the garden grow from yesterday. All the trees seem so much fuller and the flowers are so vibrant. We had some rain before, but not much...not the kind that makes stuff grow, it was just your typical spring torrential downpours. This will put some piss and vinegar back into the soil.

I have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so I will have to go out and try to find something to wear. I looked around a bit on Saturday, but couldn't find anything that had sleeves. All they had were sundresses, for the very young...who don't have flabby underarm stuff. I loved the dresses, but didn't like the way I looked in them. I've noticed they don't make dresses with a hoodie, so I am shit out of luck. I have a hoodie fetish. But I found a really nice top...with a hoodie, it is an empress style with ties that go under your boobs. I know that probably makes no sense, and it was really low I was thinking of wearing a white tube top underneath, and try to match it to one of my favorite pair of PJ bottoms.. I'm all about fashion..heh. Comfort is what it is all about. God I hate getting dressed up. It makes me itchy just thinking about it. But, I guess I will try, and then spend a pile of money and never wear it again. I might drop into Value Village tomorrow, if I find something there, at least I won't feel guilty if I never wear it again.

I'm thinking...something that says the "80's"...with big shoulder pads.

Not a bad idea, if the party after the wedding gets rowdy, I could body check someone in the parking lot. I gots the pads man.

I'm thinking about getting gel hip pads. God forgot to give me hips, and I am so mad at him. All my low rise jeans, fall down. I don't even have to unzip when I go to the bathroom, I just pull them down. I'm lucky they don't fall off when I'm shopping! Don't tell me to buy them in a smaller size because then they are too ummm binding... and I don't like stuff tight. I spend 99 percent of my day hiking those bastards up. So, now I am wearing my old MOM jeans that have an elastic waistband. Sure, it's nice to loose the weight, but there is a price to pay, COMFORT. It was bad enough when I bought my gel bra...aaahaaaa I forgot to tell you that story...nevermind I will leave that for another day...I gotta get to bed.


Brenda said...

We've earned comfort, to hell with fashion. I hardly ever wear a dress for anything anymore. Now, tell me about the gel bra.

Donna said...

Hate dressing up...I like jeans, tennis shoes and t-shirts...period. I'm with Brenda...gel bra?lololhughugs

Mary Lou said...

I carry all of my weight in the middle. No legs, just toothpicks. I HATE it.

Wear what you want to wear, if you are too casual they just wont invite you back and you will have WON!!


Joan said...


It's not really a bra by itself, it's inserts HAAAAAA.. And they have jello in them I think. I will take of picture of them tomorrow, they look like chicken breasts...gawwwwwwwwwd. I should have bought the entire breast package, but for some reason I only bought the uplifting botton chicken breast one''s hard to explain...and I should be embarrassed but I'm not. It's funny.

Donna... they are uplifting, not that I need that I just need some bulk..heh..If you know what I mean.

Mary Lou...Me too, always gain the weight in my tummy section, and my legs look like toothpicks too. But I still want hips damit.

YankeeChick said...

Hi Joan! Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. You must be the 'mystery person' from Canada that I see on my blog stats, LOL. You sound like you would like being a 'mystery person', heh. Sadly, with the email thing, my PC and my laptop both have Vista making them new enough that they don't use Outlook anymore. It's Windows Mail now and I should check it out further. Silly being so fussy about my email, I guess.....but that's just the way I are! Your photos are absolutely WONderful, BTW!

Joan said...

Hey, Yankee Chick... love your blog, thanks for stopping in.

Well, hell I must be out of touch...yikes Windows Mail? Color me yesteday..heh.

I found you through Choas...and just started reading. She's a mighty strong chick. I admire her. Come back anytime, but I have been known to change my template as many times I change my underwear...and I assure you I do that everyday.