Friday, July 11, 2008

Shopping on a budget after work

I bought a pair of orange lacey flat shoes for $4.00 bucks today, plus a pair of peacock blue track pants that say " Athletic" in bold white lettering down the side of the right leg for 3.95. I am wearing the lacey flat orange shoes with a pair of black socks underneath, and I just put on the peacock blue track pants. I can hear the fashion police coming my way.Opp's I forgot to tell you I am wearing a huge black sweatshirt with the crest of the our Winnipeg Moose hockey team emblassened on it. Did you just loose your appetite? It's Friday man, and all fashion sense goes out the door. My orange shoes sort of look like clown shoes. I may have to rethink wearing them in public places....just in case kid's start coming on to me.

Have a good weekend. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Look forward to seeing "some" of my relatives...but especially my bro, I haven't seen him since his birthday in May. I really need to kick his ass, because he has gained so much weight, and he has diabetes, heart problems and the whole shebang. How do you spell shebang...or did I just make that up? So, I will be giving him the evil eye. And shake my finger at him, as my Mom tells me to do in my dreams. I am only the messenger, but I think he will tell me where to go. Then, I have to dream up my "mother" up again, and tell her, and then she will tell me to phone him and tell him .. to start eating right... Oy, it's hard being me.


Donna said...

Hope you get pictures of you in the dress!! Siblings Do Not listen...I have one that Thinks shes in hope-die in despair.....there's No telling them....Just hope you have some serious fun this weekend...hughugs

Mary Lou said...

EGADS!!! you changed it AGAIN!!!

canuckabilly said...

Hey I found a picture of some falsies. Always wondered what those things looked like. Google falsies under images. Ok so I'm losing it but that's alright with me. Hope the wedding went well.

Brenda said...

Just take some pictures, I don't care if you're wearing a dress or not. (big grin)

Have fun!

P.S. There is nothing wrong with your attire. Orange shoes rock!