Sunday, July 27, 2008

We have a new "evil lawnmower"

Lets call this bastard Troy. You will see the reason later. He is a pretty boy, a little to pretty for my liking. He has got all the bells and whistles and he knows it. He sat in the garage ...looking at me...very aloof...for about a week. So, on Thursday I decided to take Troy Boy out for a spin.

We had mowed the grass on the front yard last week, but Gord did it with the old tractor mower and it didn't pick up the old grass, and it looked like a cow pasture. So, when I took Troy for a spin, (who has a lot of power) It sucked in the hay left from the previous mowing, and covered me from head to toe, with mulched up dead grass. My face, hair, arms, and legs were a mass of dust and dirt. It all came right through the bagger. I knew then, he was not a team player. This was going to be a power struggle, the same I had for years with "Jake the Snake". But this afternoon it was time to mow the back 40 and I wasn't looking forward to getting shit on again. I reasoned that he probably had some "bagging" issues and didn't really mean to let all the dust and crap fly right into my eyes, hair and permanently embed themselves into my body parts. So, I went into the garage, and had a few words with him....he seemed quite docile and even his training wheels as you see in the picture weren't flipping me off.

You see the best part I liked about Troy when Gord bought him was his electonic more pulling the sockets out of my arms!!

It's really hard to type, while my dog is trying to get into my air balloons are flying over the yard and this is making her k..razy.

Okay, meanwhile back on the ranch...I took Troy Boy out of the garage and into the back 40. Did you see his funny training wheels...heh...actually they are supposed to make it easier mowing around trees, and by golly, we have a lot of them.

He didn't do to bad, and didn't kick up as much dust as the last time, but man I was sore after mowing. It's a big lawnmower and you got to get used to those front wheels when using it. Normally when you make a turn you lift up on the mower, but now I don't have to do that I keep on forgetting to let off the gas and let it do it's job and I made it pretty difficult for myself before we could bond. He kept on getting away on me. Good thing nobody was looking.

So, Troy could be keeper. I will give him another chance.

The raspberries are coming in faster than I can pick them. I gave a bunch to my SIL yesterday and today we have this to eat. I will freeze some and I might make some jam. I don't know why I wrote that, I never make jam...I think I was trying to impress you... I am a liar!

I wanted to show some pic's of the roses in the front our building and I finally downloaded them off the camera...

Tonight we are having BQ mesquite chicken breasts, fresh corn on the cob, and home fries... I can't wait.

It is so beautiful outside right now, it's hard to describe. The pond is trickling, the weather is cool yet not cold, the skies are clear, about 4 squirrel's are having a dispute about their territory. They are just flying right over me from tree to tree, I hope they don't land on my umbrella on the deck!

Don't have much else.


Brenda said...

Ok, what has he/she/it done?

Joan said... I missing something?

Brenda said...

When I came the first time, and the second time, a good bit later, there was nothing on your post but the title, "We have a new evil lawnmower".

I guess I was missing something. :-)

Donna said...

LOLHahaha....HEY! I'm laughing WITH You!! Bad Troy... BUT Beautiful roses and Wonderful Menu! Home fries! Yum! Happy day to you!hughugs

Donna said...

Thanks Joan!!!!...for joining in with the Brenda Challenge!!! Your pictures are Always wonderful!!!hughugs

Joan said...

Hmmm Brenda...don't know what happened..I'm thinking the internet takes a long time to find youse guys from here in Canada..heh...probably a blogger glitch.

Joan said...

Donna, the roses were almost finished blooming, I should have taken a pic when they were in full bloom. But, I always forget to take my camera to the shop.

Brenda said...

I'm excited that you're joining our challenge too!

katerina said...

Hey, sugarplum! I arrive in the 'Peg late tomorrow night (July 31) and will be there until the 8th, so I'll give you a shout once I'm there, aight?

Mama-San pretty much has my whole week mapped out, but I'm sure I can shake off the old lady long enough to maybe meet up with you.


D said...

OH Troy is awesome! We have one tractor that's reached the piece of junk stage and 2 ancient lawnmowers. I really want one of those keystart chick friendly lawnmowers!

JUST A MOM said...

those look real good will ya bring some to me????