Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I have a crush on Penny's Vet

Today was the clipping of the nails day. She won't let me near them, so I have to take her in. Normally I will just go to the groomers (which is cheaper) but Penny has a problem with her leg and I wanted to ensure the utmost of care was taken. Plus I needed more information about her problem..

Enter... a new vet I had never met before. Let's call him ummm ..."NewHotVet!!" for now we will refer to him NHV. What I liked about him immediatley, was he didn't take any shit from me. Usually, I come in with an attitude...this is my dog and I call the shots. I told him, I was just there to get her nails clipped..... BUT in reality I had to make sure everyone in the entire building KNEW, not to twist her back right leg and that is why she wasn't going to the groomers...who have more than once dropped her off the table. I am a control freak.

He sat down and started to read her chart, and asked me a bunch of questions.

NHV: I see from her chart that she has been on Metacam since the beginning of April.

Joan: Trying to avoid his piercing blue eyes, and his very well groomed beard...heard myself say.. uhh yes...( I had a whole big ole speech prepared if they were going to ask me that).

NHV: She needs to loose weight...not much, but it would be better for her. I said, yes I had noticed lately that she looked heavier. He asked me about her diet, I lied about most of it...Then he looked at her chart and said ... in April she was x kgs. and now she x kgs. lighter.? Why do you think she looks heavier. I explained probably because I have to carry her up and down the stairs some days.... gawww, well, you caught me doc... I needed to come clean. Yes, she eats shit from the table if I give it to her, and sometimes she has popcorn. It's all my fault. And how she lost a little bit of weight .. I don't know. Stop with the questions already... I had no more lies left. His cold blue eyes saw right through my soul.

To make this story a little shorter, he took control, and without intimidating me he gave me all the facts of where we were going to go with this. The vet I originally had that diagnoised Penny, left me empty, and waivered with the diagnosis which gave me some concern

Now with NHV... I will be happy to tell him all of my concerns, even if Penny is doing okay. Not only because he was "hot" but he seriously tried to get to the bottom of it. He put her on a new schedule and gave me advise on how to manage the disease. He even offered to try to get her medication (which is expensive) in human form and I could get it from a pharmacy, which would be much cheaper than getting it from the vet hospital. I wonder if I can have Penny added to my Blue Cross at work? Shit, I would hardly have to pay a cent. All I would have to do is add her as a member of our family on my Blue Cross forms.

Name: Penny Martin

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 1999

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Auburn

Tail: Long


She is very quite tonite, it was too much for her and she is getting a little shut eye. My poor Penny Loafer.

Oops she woke up, and had a little plate of peas, carrots, beans and corn. I won't tell the vet, but she just loves her veggies. How could that be wrong. Also, this medley looks very interesting in the morning when she goes for a dump. And I'm all about a having a some colour in my landscaping.

On another note check this out. Gimli Manitoba is a small Icelandic community on the shores of Lake Winnipeg about 40 miles from Winnipeg. 25 years ago...and I remember this so clearly, a pilot ran out of fuel over Thunder Bay Ontario...destination Edmonton Alberta and GLIDED his jumbo jet from Thunder Bay Ontario to Gimil Manitoba to an old airstrip that was being used for racing and landed it there without any injuries. Imagine gliding a huge aircraft like that!! I don't know how far it was from Thunder Bay to Gimli, but I know it was far.

Today they had a reunion with all the crew and the people of Gimli, where he landed it without a tragedy. There were kids on the airstrip racing bikes and the pilot could see them and tried to miss them, and he did and the two kids that he missed were there this afternoon at the reunion. I still find it amazing, and from the news reports tonight on our local TV network, the people in Gimli gave them and huge celebration today.

I remember the reason that this happened was just when we changed to the metric system, somebody screwed up when the pilot was refueling and the plane didn't have enough fuel to get to its destination.

I always like a happy ending...don't you?

Raspberries for sale or rent, rooms to rent 50 cents...HEY, I got a shit load of raspberries happening, the only thing that is holding me from picking them is the mosquitoes... and now the rain. They are late this year because it has been blessedly cool. Is blessedly a word? whatever....I have lots and lots of them. Usually the birds get them first, the momma birds just love teaching the youngins to hide in the bushes and eat them, but the nests are empty and they are on to bigger and better things and they are all mine.

I made a Banana bread tonight. I haven't made it in years. It has just cooled off enough right now to eat it. It is good! I had three bananas that were going to meet their maker unless I did something with them...and I did.. I used to make it with chopped walnuts, but I didn't have any, but that will be for the next time, because I will make this again now that I tasted this. Okay, I have had three slices..I thank the guy who posted the recipe on the internet somewhere. Every sweet I bake goes INTO the pooper,(except pies) but this one worked.

Okay, going to spell check this sucker....and eat the rest of the cake. I'm going to save some for Gord tomorrow and my boss, who's wife always sends in homemade cakes, and boss laughs at me when I bring in stuff from the store. I'll show those sinners.


Dorie said...

VeraWang is on a restricted diet to see if her fur and ears get better. Nothing but venison dog food! I can tell she's wondering where all the good treats went.
Good luck with making Miss Penny feel better- I love her happy eyes.

Brenda said...

Veggies are good for adults so surely they won't hurt Penny, maybe?
I don't know that much about doggy diets, James's hunting dogs eat high pro stuff, that's all I know about it.

The banana bread sounds good, wonder who I can find to make me some,,,Jerri?

I hope you're having a great Thursday Miz Joan!

Andie Pandie said...

Nothing wrong with veggies. If you mash them up that's even better, easier for the dogs to digest. Rocky loves his veggies I make him. :) Stay away from onions though, they can be toxic to doggies.

Joan said...

Thanks Dorie, she has the best eyes ever. I still think she looks like Sophia Loren. VeraWang...heh..people laughed at me when I named my old dog Wiggle-fart.

Brenda..the banana bread was a hit at work today. But maybe they were just being kind, because they know baking is not what I do very well...never.

Andie... yup I know about the onions, she will never get that. I just hope this new way of treatment will help her.

Donna said...

He sounds like a Good Vet!! Veggies are good...I Thought!!lolol...Happy weekend Miz Joan!!hughugs

canuckabilly said...

Hey if I ever get another dog I'm going to name him Barky von Snalzer. Saw that on a commerical and it just did me in. Ok so I'm a little off but who isn't..yeah ya'll ain't gonna admit it are you? Anyway I left something for you over at my blog so when you ain't got nuttin' to do stop by. Have a great weekend.

KB said...

Joan you are so funny. I've never even heard of a dog that liked to eat veggies. No wonder she's lighter, you're feeding her the good stuff!!

JUST A MOM said...

rasberries send them on over havn't had fresh ones for many years back home... glad penny is doing so well she is the reason I stop ya know..... have a great weekend.

Mary Lou said...

Sadie will suck all the gravy off of the peas and then spit them on the floor if she finds any in the leftovers...NO VEGGIES for her.