Friday, July 18, 2008

It is the most beautiful Friday night

I'm sitting outside on the deck overlooking my garden and back 40. With all this rain we have had this year everything looks lush. I can hear the pond trickling ...hear a few mosquitoes buzzing...but not too many. Not a breath of wind. Which is unusual, because the wind makes me crazy. Birds a chirping...and thankfully the crows have found their summer homes ... far away from my little paradise. But, I do have a little bug who is having a good time following me as I type.

Time out: I didn't kill him, I just showed him the door...and I hope it hit his ass on the way out. But he was kinda cute following me around.

I had a very boring day at work. Our busy season doesn't start till fall and the office was dead. All the guys are on holidays, boss is off golfing...and me in the shop by myself. Why do you think I change my templates so often...because I am bored, plus I like doing it..okay??

So I took my camera into work at lunch and decided to let you into my world. And such a small world it is!
Apparently I am not at my desk....where could I be..

I'm not here either...I think I went AWOL...because the phones never rang once this afternoon.

That little bug is back...he likes following my cursor..heh... I move it around and he is right behind it. Who need the high tech crap I got the real stuff.

Anyway back to the office.

I checked to see if I could find myself in the little kitchen/file, I wasn't there.

I went into the warehouse, where scarey stuff is kept....and I couldn't find myself, I was starting to get bored.

So I found the same place a the shitter...I don't know why I didn't look there first.

Later in the afternoon...after being on the internet for two hours trying to find a new template...again..heh...I decided to go outdoors...and show you our building (I work here), but the building is ours with tenants renting the spaces. I am very proud of it. Gord has done a good job. He has an office/warehouse in the same building and this is what he has on his door.

What a kidder..old fart crap is that...but he likes it.

Now just of few pics of the roses and shit in front....

So, thats all she wrote folks....have a good weekend.


Brenda said...

Your office building is really, really nice! I love the landscaping too, the roses are gorgeous!

Gord's office hours are similar to mine, ha!

Brenda said...

P.S. Your desk is SO neat!

Bobbie said...

Thanks for the tour. Did you ever find yourself? LOL That's a cute sign with the office hours.

Have a good weekend.

canuckabilly said...

I'm impressed with your building. Really nice. Friday was also really great...I know cause I took off from work. What did you name your little friend the bug?

Susan said...

If I ever nove to your neck o the woods, Ill know where to look for appliances! Im relieved to know you did finally find yourself.
By the way, that desk is way too tidy.

Mary Lou said...

I always knew you were a tad bit "off" A clean Desk is the sign of a demented mind!!

Donna said...

My Word you're ...Clean!!! SO glad you can't see Mine!Hahaha..The office is great! And the flowerbeds are Really pretty!! I'll bet You did them! Happy night!hughugs

Mary Lou said...

Hey joan, do you have Kat's correct email address? the one I have with telus came back.