Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday night supper and laundry.

Holy Moly, it's been so long. I have been one busy lizzie (Borden)... no I have not killed anyone with an axe..(yet).

I marinated a roast with mesquite and it smells heavenly. But, to be honest most of my food smells much better than it tastes. I am making home fries, mushroom gravy and steamed broccoli and carrots. Sounds good doesn't it. Wait till we eat it..heh.

We have a rose garden in front of my office, and they are blooming thier faces off, here is what I picked on Friday.

I still don't have my new BQ..the Webber Q200 operational, because my husband has a bee in his bonnet.....and one day I will put a bee in his bonnet with a bee bee gun! For heavens sake, every time I buy something, he has to analize it to death, try to get a better price, and just piss me off. We put it together on Friday, but so far we haven't used it because of his aformentioned mental problems. He phoned me twice this afternoon from Home Depot wanting the specs on it. Fuck it, and I mean that in the most gentle way.... it's a fuck in I give in. Just do what you have to do, but please get it done by winter. I have no patience for shopping, buy it, use it, and throw it out when it breaks. Done.

I was going to cook the roast beef out there, but "meathead" was still trying to get a buck off the price I paid for it. I really wanted some beef, but even some BQ hedgehog would have done the trick.

I rode the garden tractor on Thursday. If you remember we sold our lawnmowers, and this was fun! I only took out two fences. I'm not fond of the braking system on this ole thing. Way too heavy for me. And every time I stopped it, I forgot to put the blade back down, and later when I started it up I was just "going for a ride". The neighbours were all looking over the fences and laughing at me. They still have the push mowers, so I don't know why it was so funny, I could ride and have a cocktail at the same time! Until I spilled my drink when I hit the fence. They should make drink holders in these things.

We have born about 7,890 birds in our backyard this summer, and today I almost lost my shit. The yelling and screeching almost made me pull out my bee bee gun I have on hand, but I want to save those pellets for Gord. Some days you don't know who to knock off first.

My Penny Loafer is still limping along. Not half the girl she used to be, but I am hoping that once the glucoasamine kicks in she will feel better. She wants to play with me so deperately in the back yard, but I can't comprimse her leg. We will play it by ear, instead of real play time. She always has had her favorite ball, which by now looks like a piece of road kill. Last week I bought a little ball at the dollar store for a buck, that looked like a baby toy. It was very soft and had a balloon inside to keep it round. Penny just loved it, but it only took a few days for her to bite it and deflate it. I named it "wally bally".. she knows every name of every toy I have ever given her. So, every time I summoned her to get wally bally from her toy box, she came back somewhat dejected with this deflated piece of soft cloth. So, I thought...hey let's fill it up with something else. I had some bubble wrap. I opened the seams of the original ball, and stuffed it in. She absolutely loved it. She was popping the bubble wrap as fast as she could. So today, it was all popped out. Instead of opening it up again and resewing it, I put bubble wrap in one of Gord's old socks and tied it up... and she's been popping it ever since. Much easier and more fun.

I put up my solar lanterns in the garden today. My lord, they are beautiful. I just went out to look at them now that it is dark outside. They are a deep amber, and it makes everything look so peaceful in the garden. Our neighbours have the LED lights, but I find them harsh .. like a flourescent light.

I wish I could take a picture of them, it's beautiful.

While fighting a herd of mosquitoes in the early evening, I had to go out and refill my little pond because those bastard crows had tipped over the fountain again!! I have to find a way to tie it down to the bottom of the pond so they can't knock it over again, and all the water drains into the ground.

So while I was down there I thought I might take some pics of my garden, such as it is. You can tell, not much has been happening in my life, garden I'm getting old.

But first, I had to have a drink ... just to take the edge off ... It's the gardeners drink of choice...

Nothing like a little Miracle Grow, to get you off your ass and into your mosquitoe infested garden. I swear after I drank a bottle of that along with a little sprig of mint, and splash of rain water, I turned into a giant gardener. And for some reason I starting singing..Hi Ho Hi's off to work we go. And I turned into a midget. Don't drink that shit. You never know. Read the label. I can hardly reach my keyboard.....Help...

Anyway, I know you got stuff to do, so here are a few hundred pictures of my garden, feel free to X out anytime you what to.

If you click to embiggen the one of Penny...look at her tongue...haaaaa

That's all I got for tonite....


Mary Lou said...

LOLOLOL You are soooo funny!!! "Leave my picture up for another day..." LOLOLOLOLL

Wanna come do My yard? Lots to do, keep you really busy...

Dorie said...

Penny has such a sweet face! Looks like she has her garden spot all picked out.

Donna said...

We had a dog that looked just like Penny....her name was Maggie...I love the tongue!lolol....beautiful back yard!!!hughugs

Brenda said...

You haven't used the grill yet cause Gord is trying to get a better deal? That is too funny! Get him busy welding you a little cup holder beside the lawnmower seat.

Your garden looks so pretty Miz Joan.