Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay I will let those birds fly..for now!! lets back to gel bra's

I remember way back when I lived at home and was a widdle kid, and my mom alway's wore "falsies" as they were called then. I tried to find a picture of them on the internet, but apparently the internet is a little too young and has no record of a round piece of foam, with a faux nipple in the middle, that you shove in your bra.

Somedays she wouldn't wear them, and then they became fun to play with when we found them in her bedroom, unless we got caught shoving them down our shirts and walking around town with tits. Especially my brother HAAAA! Same goes with the "balloon's" we found under their pillows...ahem. Holy shit, I can remember blowing them up in the back yard with the neighbour kids....and getting my ass kicked! Who knew rubbers weren't balloons?

We were country kids, we knew shit. They thought they had time to tell us about the birds and bees after I would get pregnant or bro got someone else pregnant. No rush. Why stress us out? Half the job was done if that happened. Fortunately it never came to that, because by the time I was 15 I had pretty well figured out if a boy kissed you and felt you would get pregnant. I had to be true, because I read it in TRUE STORY... a very reliable magazine, where all the stories started up with the kissing and then she got pregnant. And nobody loved her anymore because it was so wrong. Even if Troy the boy you loved so much wanted to share the baby with you, he was not allowed, because his family wanted him to go to college...heh..yeah... Is it so different today? It might be, but somethings still stay the same.

My neigbour lady just came over to chat....oy she can talk a blue streak... I hit her on the head with my friendly neighbourhood shutup I'm back.

Okay, I have lost my train of thought. Gel bra's...oh yeah now I remember. Personally I would have liked a full gel bra insert, but when I finally found a store that sold them they only had the half moon things to put on the bottom of your bra to shove your girls up a bit. They are kind of jiggly and a little cold at first but they warm up. But, I found they did not increase the size of my chest. I need something ON TOP of my 5 pounds of kleenex. These little wiggly wafers were never going to do the job I wanted them to do. I wanted a cleavage or something close to that. I know. At 62 years of age you want a cleavage, like who the hell is going to look at your boobs? Suddenly this became important to me. Probably because they aren't as old looking as my face ..heh..or I just want to be an old slut. Anywho, I have pretty well got over it. To be honest, I wanted them to look bigger so my waist looked smaller. Do we ever get over our bodies..? If I wouldn't have lost the weight I would never even thought of it....but now..I want to be a movie star? feck. I'm giving my head a shake.

These look more like chicken breasts than gel bra implants...I might just fry them critters up.

Gotta few more pics of the garden...shut-up!! I know you are tired of it all, but that's all I got.

Last but not least, my BIL Ron turns 65 today...Happy Birthday Ron. Gord took Ron and another friend out to the racetrack today to celebrate his B.Day. OLD FARTS ALL OF THEM. I am so much younger...


Andie Pandie said...

Try a push-up bra. They lift and fluff the girls up giving you cleavage and perkiness. :D

Dorie said...

Now that I finally have boobs, they're just a nuisance! We have to convince the Hollywood stars to make braless and droopy alluring so we can get rid of those uncomfortable underthings!

Donna said...

I was in Victoria's Secret a few months back trying to get rid of a gift card my MIL gave me Last Christmas...I'm me when I say there's not a whole lot in there I'd buy..but they Do have interesting was drawn to one that was suppose to make the most flat chested woman look like angelina jolie...looked like it would hurt...I ran...LOL...and I Love the garden pictures!!hughugs

Brenda said...

I used to love Victoria's Secret bras but then I stopped wearing underwires cause too much push-up makes my 2 gal. jugs look like bowls of jello on top.

Your garden is wonderful Miz Joan. Did the skeeters go away?

Joan said...

Andie, I tried the push up bra...but it was so uncomfortable...and there wasn't all that much to push up anyway. I guess I will just have to be happy with my wee one's. the day .. 60th..70's I never used to wear a bra. I had burned mine. Later when I finally figured out feminism wasn't really about whether you wore a bra or not ... it was a symbol of blah blah blah...I put mine back on and have enjoyed parking the little girls in there instead of having them jiggle and get irritated by my polyester pant suits. heh

Donna..I know. Where did the pointy padded bra go from way back when. Now they have all these wires going around them, and they poke your ribs when you bend down. I hates them.. I do. Back to square one. I have no idea what I am going to do this those little chicken breasts.. Maybe I should put them in the microwave and try to blow them up..