Sunday, August 07, 2005

Bogger it

I got up early this morning needed to blow my nose. I set the kleenex down on the night table. Mistake number 1. I fell back asleep until I felt the dog walking over my head and saw her grab the kleenex off the table and run. I stumbled off after her, half awake, yelling...GIVE ME THAT!! GIVE ME THAT!! She kept on running, and I'm yelling.. PENNY I AM WARNING YOU..DROP IT!! She stopped, I went up to her to remove the offending snot rag, and she backed up and ran away again. Gol Dang I'm pissed. By this time Gord was yelling "what in the hell is going on." "I said Penny's stole my kleenex and she is going to eat it." "Shit, he yells, let her eat it already." Yeah, take the easy way out. I was quite determined she wasn't going get the better of me this time and decided to try to bribe her. "Heeeere, Penny...come and get a cookie." She stopped for a moment, with the kleenex still attached to her face, and she came a little closer, and just as I reached for it, she zigged to the right and I zagged to the left... caught my foot on the leg of the chair and did a face plant on the kitchen floor. I didn't hurt anything except my pride. By the time I got up, and checked to see what condition my condition was in, she had the kleenex all torn up and had finished her bogger breakfast.

There was a lot of "BAD Dog" yelling going on for awhile, but she just kept looking at me in a puzzling way .. to say "What IS your problem lady, you were going to throw it away anyway."

So, by then it was time to get up anyway. I put the coffee on, took a shower and went out to the patio to read the paper. Not ten minutes later, she comes out the patio door with yet another kleenex in her chops!! I asked Gord where she had got another one, and he guessed he must have blown his nose and night and left it on his night table..DAMIT. I didn't have a chance to get this one away from her either, she bee-lined it down the deck stairs and ran into the back 40 ..and had her LUNCH. Supper should be interesting, plus her next bowel movement.

Check back with you then.

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