Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just a short follow up from yesterday

Just a short follow up on yesterday’s post.  I said I was hoping my mom wouldn’t mind me giving some her stuff away that I now longer wanted, guess what…this is too weird ..

This morning, I was going through a drawer in my bedroom where I have kept her curtains and things she had  in apartment when she was alive.  I had forgotten about them and thought they would look great in the downstairs bedroom (the one I kept all her other stuff in before I gave it away or threw it out yesterday).  

So, this morning I washed them and put them up on the curtain rod.  I looked at them after I had hung them up, and thought, “well, I’m not much further along here, as this looks like her place ..again”!!  But, they looked  ummm okay..a little “lacey” for my taste.  Shit, I’m getting tired of second guessing myself , so I just left it.  

I started on the kitchen,  so much junk and crap I needed to clean out there..when I heard a “crash” and it sounded like glass splintering.  The dog jumped up, and we were both looking for the culprit.  I thought it had come the  patio outside the kitchen, but couldn’t see anything, and went back to my work.  

After I finished around 5:30  I poured myself a glass of much needed wine and was going to have a little sit down on the patio.  First, I decided to take down the 10 garbage bags that I had filled over the day to the back yard garbage cans.  As I was coming down the stairs to the back deck…THE STORM WINDOW FROM THE DOWNSTAIRS BEDROOM WAS LAYING ON THE PATIO…SHATTERED!  I don’t know..but I’m thinking my mom is pissed at me..LOL…geez, the plant yesterday and today the window.

I’m going to have to go through the garbage to see what set her off!!

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