Sunday, August 28, 2005

Week one of vacation is over

Week one of vacation is finished, kaput.  I feel tired, a good tired, as I have accomplished so much!  Every room  has an echo in it.  The junk has been purged.  I donated 12 garbage bags, and 5 boxes of stuff to the Diabetes Foundation.  The next time I go to Value Village I will probably buy my old stuff back!

Mom hasn’t been haunting me the last few days, so I guess she is good with it.  It’s hard letting go.  I think the lacey curtains did the trick.  

I love my office, I re-arranged everything and  now have so much room I don’t know what to do with it.  And  no, I will not clutter it up  The office is nice and cozy and it makes for a comfortable place to write and think.  I’ve got  nice mood lighting happening to calm the spirit and sooth the soul.  

And, my pants are falling off, not such good news you say?, oh yes it is, I just think I may have dropped about 5 pounds this week with all the exercise I have been getting.  I am sitting at the computer 5 days a week at work, and never get any muscle action going.  For the first 4 days, I couldn’t hardly walk, or even lift my coffee cup, every stinking bone in my body was giving me grief.  But I just carried on and limbered up by noon, and went right back at it.  I even helped carry a small bar fridge out of our rec room.  (two flights of stairs no less).  That night I  couldn’t lift a fork and had to shove my face in my plate of spaghetti.  Not my best moment.  Next weeks plans are for some painting, washing windows, baking apple pies and zucchini loaves…everyone is up to their ass in  apples and zucchini and keep giving them to me.  STOP IT for the loveofaphalliclookingveggie..I’ve got enough!  Hippy Dippy girlfriend brought me more stuff yesterday.  I appreciate the tomatoes, but hold the cukes..okay..enough already!!

Fall is in the air.  I love it.  The geese are starting to migrate, and their path over my part of the city goes right over my house.  They won’t be starting until next week I think.  It is unbelievable.  Hundreds of them fly over the house, really low because they are landing on the man-made lakes just down the block.  You can hear the “swish swish” of their wings overhead.  It is advisable of course to have your patio umbrella up, as sometimes you are hit with a flying piece of turd from above.  I can hear the honking start at 6:10 PM and by 6:15 there are thousands flying overhead.  You can almost set your watch by them.  I love to watch their “V” formation that they fly in.  I always feel sorry for some of them that have gone astray, and are left behind when the “gaggle” leave the pond, and they can’t find them.  But they usually fly around long enough to hook up with another bunch that come later.  They sound so lonesome looking for their original flock.  So, I guess that means I won’t be walking the dog in the park next week , it’s not fun dodging gooseshit.  

I got a little surprise today when I was (purging) I emptied the old crap from my freezer.  Lordy, I can’t believe the stuff I found.  The biggest surprise came when I lifted out a big plastic container all wrapped up in a Safeway bag.  I looked in it….and it was “BIG GUY”, my fav fish that died this winter and I stored him away in the freezer.  Geez Louise, I only meant for him to cool off for a day or so, but I guess he got shoved to the back.  I found a bison roast, a friend of Gord’s gave him.  I never intended to eat it, I just put it in the freezer so Gord would shut up.  Bison is usually lean, but this must have been the crappiest cut ever.  I was glad to see that go.  My friend next door, is a “do gooder” you know the type, always helping in the community etc.  She bakes thousands upon thousands of goodies for seniors, church etc. at Christmas, and she does me the favour of bringing what is left over to my house.  I don’t eat sweets, so I never have that stuff around.  She brought 3 huge plates at Christmas…I didn’t know what to do with them.  I brought one plate to work, and nobody ate them…ahem..they were a little old by then.  So, I stuck the other two in the freezer, and was once again reunited with them today. It seems that there must have been some kind of Green Giant Veggies sale on this winter, because I pried out three bags of  them out of the ice that had formed.  How wasteful.  I won’t do that again, even if there is a sale.  The freezer is on the second level, and sometimes I forget about stuff if it’s not in my fridge upstairs.

This afternoon, after cleaning out the freezer, I had a little time on my hands, and once again decided to put streaks in my hair.  I looked like a skunk the last time, but my memory is short and I tried it again.  This time I used a product that gives you a little comb thingie to put through the part of your hair that you would consider needed streaking.  I did that.  Now, this was easy, no more putting on the cap and jabbing your head with a crochet hook trying to get the hairs up through a pin hole.  Well, as my hair has been dyed in the past with a blondish colour, and with an inch grayish roots now showing,  I decided to use this product in hopes of a better outcome. It was very easy to use.  No muss no fuss.  All you do is use the little comb thing and put on the product and comb it through the areas of your hair that you think would look attractive.   Well, I look like a two bit hooker….I am as blonde as can be.  I guess I over did the combing part.  Nevermind, my holiday pay didn’t quite cover my two weeks off, I might just have to get out there and sell my wares.  Maybe if I hang around Value Village who knows?  How much do you think I would get to turn a trick??  I’m betting ohhhh maybe an old trophy or a hood ornament, or some other shit I donated.

I took a few pics tonite.  My plum tree is just loaded with those little guys.

A pic with Penny trying to fetch the ball out of the pond..AGAIN

Our neighbor’s trees…I can’t remember the name of it, but they get those big berry patches on them.  I remember when I was young, my mom told they were poison berries and never to eat them.

Then, some ugly mushrooms that grew beside the fence..ewwwww….I’ll freeze them, why the hell not, my freezer is empty.  That way I will have something to throw out next fall.  

Have any readers fallen asleep yet, with my boring life?….Shit I love this…only one more week………to sleep in, snuggle with ..whoever …mostly the dog…who cares, I don’t have to go to work and I love putzking around the house.  This week I will be trying to get a plan together for a project I have been thinking about for awhile that might just afford me the luxury of working part-time….

Okay, my pot roast is almost ready, smells divine, mashed pataters, gravy,  creamed corn and fresh bread and butter.  


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