Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Online Friends

I spend a lot of time today reading my fav (mom blogs). They had a convention type thing going on and all met at BLOGHER this weekend. I was so jealous, they are the funniest group I have ever encountered. There are about 5 of them that have formed a good relationship ...and they all have the same sense of humour. Most of them met for the first time after only knowing each other through the internet. They were all nervous and shit, but it turned out fantastic. They probably did not go so much for the convention itself (because it sounded pretty boring)..but they went to meet each other. They went with the trepidation of a high school reunion, and the eagerness of meeting those they have only spoken to online.

Pretty scary stuff.

I hope I can do that one day with the people I blog with...that would be the cats ass.

And for some reason I don't even have them on my favs list on the side bar. I will correct that soon. Read their blogs..they are a hoot and a holler!!

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