Sunday, August 21, 2005

Who was sitting in my chair?

I see from the post below that Penny was at the keyboard this afternoon.  She has a surprise coming if she thinks I’m gonna fall for her purty brown eyes.  

I’m on holidays for two whole weeks!!!..I can do anything I want to.  I can sleep in to 11:00 am if I want to, or not..  FREEDOM…freedom at last!!   I only took a week off last summer, and used all my other time for appointments, hubby’s paperwork for the business at tax time, etc.   Not much time for balonie.  

This Saturday I was supposed to go out biking with Gord, and the AA gang.  I chickened out GAWK!  I did so.  I tried so hard on Friday night to gear up for it, but when Saturday came around I could not do it.  It made me feel sick.  I know Gord’s a good driver on the bike, but I couldn’t see my way to do it.  You see, a trillion years ago, I found his remains laying on a highway after a motorcycle accident, and I guess I still haven’t got over it.  It’s funny, how your mind works when you see  the accident scene and all that is left is a pair of shoes that have flown off the victim.  It has a ever lasting effect, something that will remain  with me forever.  That was all I had to hold on to as he was in a coma in the hospital.  He was 20 years old.  He was coming back late at night on his bike after working late at night about 30 miles from home.  It was fall, and all the farmers were harvesting, and riding their tractors down the highway back to the farm.  Apparently, Gord mistook the single white light on the back of the tractor as an on coming car with with a burnt out headlite, and he rode his bike right up the huge tire of the tractor .he.flipped it up and it came back down on it’s wheels…and he was still hanging on when it came back down.  He had some head injuries, plus a broken pelvis.  I guess in those days it took awhile for an ambulance to get there, but fortunately a nurse arrived at the scene and started to treat him for shock.  He was in coma for two weeks.  He spent 6 months at home healing and re-learning how to walk.  I was there the whole time, as his girlfriend helping him get through it.

So, as they were making fun of me last night for not riding with them…I reminded them of Gord’s accident.  Jerks….they told me to get over it..even Gord!!…well I can’t, and if I don’t feel comfortable with something I just won’t do it…I think I got the message across, they finally got off my case.  I used to ride with him all the time before the accident.  Oh well, I’ll never be a motorcycle Mamma, I won’t got to Sturgis…who gives a crap.  I feel very comfortable behind the wheel of my big horking van…I dare anyone to hit me!!

Be back tomorrow……hey internet  you are going to get sick of me…I got a shit load of stories to tell now that I have a little time to do it right :)

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