Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't make that spaghetti recipe just yet.. you know the one one yer left

It's not a TNT (tried and true) one. I am making it tonight. I can't get passed the sweet pickles, but the lady who sent it into NANCY'S KITCHEN promised nothing less than ..hey hey.. what can I say..about it! I'm starting to wonder if someone was fucking with Nancy's mind and she posted it to the recipe newsletter. Like maybe the next time they will send in a recipe and tell you to put two pounds of mice droppings in your blender, along with some chicken stock, and mix it all about..and we all do it..because someone said it tasted good..barf.

Sometimes we are followers, when it comes to recipes, and if it looks good, we make it. In my case this did not look good, but I did it anyway...because I'm an idiot. I took a few spoonfulls, licked at it and didn't find it awful, but nor did I find it fine! The truth will be in the pudding, when it goes over the pasta.

I never, but never, taste my food when I make it. I can't. I smell it, wave at it a bit and get the general idea. That is why we have so much garbage. I should actually get some of that crap in my mouth before I have to serve it to the dog.

I've been having one of those blog days in my head. I haven't had it for a long time. I have been writing everything I encounter on a day to day basis.. I am missing writing in a non-reactive way with some feeling, and telling a story. I started out doing that, and I stopped once I thought I was so funny. I know I have a sense of humour, but I think I let it get in my way of doing some good story tellin. Now, I have put myself in a deep dark hole...I'll have to come up with some good shit. I don't know, I just feel this way now, and want to talk about stuff other than our patio. God knows, we will both be dead by the time that is finished. And I got a shit load of stories to tell. Mind you, I will have to go back into my archives to make sure I haven't told them before this and embellished it all. Shit like that happens when you gets old.

I got a few good one's simmering in my head. Think partying nakid and ordering in pizza in 1972. I bet that Pizza guy has never forgot that party!! So, you see I have a basketfull of stories to tell...please don't judge me, as I was "a former flower child".. and now I am a full grown weed.

NOTE: DO NOT MAKE THE RECIPE, I WILL REMOVE IT ON THURSDAY...IT TASTES LIKE TOE JAM. I'M CHUCKING IT. Why in god's name would I even consider putting sweet bread and butter pickles in my spaghetti sauce? I have no common sense...none whatsoever..

Yours truly, takes a village to make an idiot.

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