Sunday, August 27, 2006

I see blogger has a new beta version

Who is going to try it first? Opps you did? Nice knowing you.

Hey, after all the time I have spent getting freebie templates, they finally have gifted us with a few more new ones. Not bad for a service that charges you nothing. I really appreciate it, and I say that seriously because I can't afford WordPress because it's free. (small joke at my expense).

I'ts getting late tonight, but I just wanted to tell you folkers that..tonight a flock of geese flew over my deck ... so low..I could have grabbed one of their feets and pulled him down and had him for supper. Their flapping wings made my hair move. That is how close it was. It would have been much better than our supper tonight. Let's just say the steak we ate had been in the freezer..jest a little too long and tasted like ..ummm Ed Sullivan...kind old and tough. A goose would have been perfect. One can never get enough goose. (wink)

All is calm in chez climbing of trees, no carting around heavy cement patio slabs, just swatting a trillion wasps that have decided to make our home theirs. Yesterday I read a solution for that, "spray" Windex on your patio table and "wasps be gone.".... well it worked. I guess it's the ammonia in there they don't like, they didn't come close to the table again. But flies don't give a shit, they mainlined it... and flew off to Woodstock and jammed.

Getting late, Penny's sniffing around telling me to git my fat ass to bed.

(note to myself) "publish post"

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