Thursday, August 03, 2006

I forgot Sunday supper last week

What was I thinking? It was only the run of the mill (yet homemade spaghetti). Nothing worth reciping about. We didn't have our Friday night pizza, just some snacks, and on Saturday, Gord was out all day at the Festival and by the time he got home I just laid a few burgers on the fire and called it a night, after all temp was only 100 and a fuck degrees, and I didn't want to heat up the house. So, when Sunday rolled around I needed me some real food. Not just snacks and burgers. I wanted something filling. So I made the spaghetti. Went to sleep after that like a rock. Sorta like Tony Soprano does after the does he bumps someone off.

Okay, I do have a recipe I HAVE to share, it is so good you will wet your drawers. Well maybe not. I just loved it, I made it last night and we have leftovers for tonight.

SWEET AND SOUR PINEAPPLE PORK ( I changed it to Chicken) (from Company's Coming cookbook)

(are you with me so far) okay then..I changed a few things...they make you use way to many pots etc. for a simple recipe. I don't like cleaning pots. Nosiree.

Best thing is, if you have an ELECTRIC FRY PAN use it. The electric fry pan has been my best friend all my life. I don't usually fry anything in it, but I make all my casseroles, spaghetti sauces etc in it. I can start supper early, and just adjust the timing as I go if we eat late, as we usually do. Okay, I have gone off the recipe path..

1 - can of condensed chicken broth
1/4 - cup vinegar
1/4 - cup soy sauce
1/4 - cup brown sugar (packed) an aside I love demerra brown sugar.
1 - can of Pineapple "Timbits"..opps make that Tidbits..
A - generous sprinkle of garlic powder.
4 - Chicken Breasts cut up into 3/4" cubes..whatever
Freshly ground pepper
1 - Onion cut lenghwise and chopped into you hate someone
1 - Large Red Pepper, cut into 1/2" slivers...I made mine bigger
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 - tbsp. Cornstarch

Okay, now I am not following the book again. Here is how it went down.

.. I put a litte canola oil in my frying pan, threw in the chicken pieces, and gave them a good amount of pepper. Fried them up along with the onions and peppers until they were good to go.

I made a cocktail of: (see above)
The can of chicken soup
White vinegar
Brown sugar
Generous amount of garlic
Soy Sauce
The juice from the can of pineapple
And the Cornstarch...

Mixed it all about (did the hokey pokey) and threw it in with the chicken...let it go a few minutes along with the pineapple tid bits to thicken... turned it on low and let it go until it was done...

Served it with fluffy light white rice, but it would be good with brown.

It made for a very generous serving for two people, so we are having it again tonight, whereupon I will be throwing in about 10 plump shrimp.


I have been farting around with this post for three days, and never published it. I was going to see how utterley boring I could make it, but I have re-read it 457 times and it still does not seem boring enough. Okay, you talked me into it...I'll tell you about my hair cut yesterday and the douche bag who cut it. (who gave me a freaking seniors discount I DID NOT ASK FOR! Now, I'm not saying I don't mind me a little savings here and there, but only IF I YOU GIVE YOU A COUPON. I has to be MY idea..get it? And furthermore, I will let you know when and where I want to turn into a senior citizen. It's my body, so shut the fuck up...okay?

Phew, that has been simmering on the back burner awhile now, I hope she reads my blog. I know she will not forget me, how could she, because I accidently did not leave her a tip. Oh, and yeah, you should see my hair, what is left of it. I looks like someone found my leaf blower, pointed it at my head and blew me off the deck.

It's thundering I better check outta here. I'm off find some hair extenstions.


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