Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still trying to get the job done.

Another week come and gone. I have to apologize for not posting as much as I used to, but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Winter, my best friend will soon be here and I can justify spending more time online.

First week back at work from holidays was a little stressful, but I'm back to the old grind. I like structure, so at least now I'm not just pissing away my time. Well, not at home anyway that is... heh.

The German Vermin... was back at it today. Right after lunch, we had to get back to fixing up the patio. Lord. Don't Lutherans take the Sabbath day off? Apparently they don't. He pointed a stick at me and said.. "Und if ve dow'nt getz dis done son, it vill be vinter und den in spring ve vill be geflooded against. "....yeah right, where is my shovel?

So Plan A: for today was to take all the Sandbags he had stored out by the front fence, truck them in with the wheelbarrow to the back....break them open and start spreading the sand. These were old sandbags someone was giving away when they built the ark, and he brought them home. They were free, need I say more. It was pretty funny, he wheelbarrowed about 30 bags and scattered them on the ground of the patio. I was just coming down the stairs and he said to me in a ultra serious voice, "we will never get these bags opened, they are so strong we will need an Axe!"..As I peered down at him from the steps, I saw Fred Flintstone talking to me..I swear. Who uses axes nowaday except serial killers? The bag holding the sand is a made of a very strong plastic material, but it certainly is not axe worthy.

I said, we have an exacto knife in the toolbox, all I have to do is cut the bag... and pour. I gave my Lutheran the "look" and said "watch me." I went in the house and came out with my handy dandy exacto knife that I have used in a multitude of airline hijackings, waved it around his nose, came at him a little close with it zig zagged it close to his jugular, then bent down and cut the bag it was butter. He was in awe. I think he was glad at last that he married a Mennonite woman, because if we are given the tools, we know how to use them. Even if we married one. was like butter.. I swear.

This is a big job, and since we are sixty something, we decided to "work smart." Take breaks, and don't work in the sun. If something can be lifted without to much stress, do that. Be inventive. Well, the Burgermeister forgot the rules half way throughout the game. He kept on bringing load after load of sandbags to the patio ..and I was cutting the bags open as fast as me little finger would go. Finally, I had to take the Lutheran aside and bring the knife up to his neck and whisper softly in his ear, "one more load"... and you are a dead man. Much later I brought some juice and snacks down to the patio, and we laughed ourselves silly at our folly.

We didn't get it all done, because "we worked smart"..ahem.. but we have a start on it and will keep on trucking till we either end up in the ER, or I cut him.

I tried to put up some pic's but of course blogger shut me down. I couldn't even put up a photofuckbucket one.

Just for the record:

Sunday night supper:

Pot Roast with delicious gravy ... I put a little red wine in the pot.
Roasted spuds
Broccoli/Cauliflower/new carrots in butter and Parmesan cheese
Whole wheat rolls
Dessert: Fruit loops..just kidding.

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