Thursday, August 17, 2006

Still tweaking

My recipe thingie isn't coming out like I thought. I think I have to put some code in front of each line to make it come out nice. I think. (make mental note) for tomorrow. I had a ton of blinkies ready to set up, but they were all too big, I even shrunk them in photobucket, but none worked except the Canadian one in red on the sidebar. Well, I don't want a whole lot of razzle dazzle, but some of them were so fine, they blew me mind. I will photoshop them and see what I can do.

Mowed de lawn tonite. First time since the end of June. Gotta love a drought. Finally everything looks the way it should, it only took the entire summer. Except for the friggin patio screw up.

Penny and I sat out on the deck tonight until 10:30, it was so beautiful while Gord was doing CNN inside. I was watching all the airplanes coming in from the east, going towards the airport. It was so quite out there, no noise (not even from the planes because they were far away) ...just my pond trickling, and a few crickets that is what summer is all about. Not a mosquitoe in sight.

Okay, now I am going to go and publish this to see how it looks on my new blog skin...testing ..testing...

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