Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm wavering...waffeling.. wait that's not a word ..whatever..

I don't want to give Special K any chance to say "I told ya so", but I'm finding my blog a little hard to read. Maybe it's my old eyes...but if I was reading someone else's blog that looks like this, I would be hard pressed. It's too busy!! That damn Brenda, she changed her blog, and it's so nice and bright, and mine feels like a hole in the wall.

Soooo, I'll be taking me lumps, and try to brighten it up, because I can't stand it. I love to read clear and concise blogs, and this is not one of them. What in the devil is wrong with me? I was thinking I could tinker with the font and make it larger. Yeah... and throw all the side bars to hell...won't happen.

On another note, our evening of disaster last night didn't end until this morning. After Gord got up this morning, got dressed, and stepped out on the deck (without shoes) and gazed upon the light fixture he had dismantled yesterday, and he stepped in a pool of water with his socks. Ya know, all you can do is laugh when it just keeps on coming your way!!! fucccccccccdge.

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