Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've been getting messages from the blogging gods today

Everyone seems to want to help me out of my slump.
First I got this:

I hope it works..I had to cut and paste, but it's worth the while.

and then I got this:

Hey Joan
My name is Yvonne. I spent some time reading your blog on today and I thought you might be interested in this

I work for a word of mouth marketing company called Matchstick and
I'm looking to give away brand new multimedia smart phones to a
number of qualified individuals and I feel you could be a great
candidate. Please have a look at the below criteria and feel free
to contact me with any questions you may have.

Thanks for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Matchstick Inc.
416-530-8000 x 211

I am looking for existing Rogers customers who meet the following

. Hosts a popular blog with 400+ hits a day

Okay Yvonne with a "Y".. did yee not see the (3) in my comment section. I personally try to keep my ratings low so as not to embarrass my competition. I didn't attend BlogHer this year only because I didn't want to take all the attention away from "Dooce"..who, by the way is the funnest person in the blogging hemisphere, go and bother her, she gets 400 hits a minute.

. A current Rogers cell phone subscriber (phone only
supported with the Rogers network)

Yvonne, with a "Y" babe in the woods, if you would have seen my addy, you would have know I was an MTS subscriber. Nice trick.

. Between the ages of 22-35

Yvonne, with a "Y" you have gone and done hurt my feelings, I'm much older than that, but I guess you were thinking I might want to "text" message all my "boy toys".. well Yvonne, actually can I call you vonne?, because I am tired of typing the "Y" can tell "Roger" the "doger" to stick it up hims arse..

. Keeps his/ her blog updated on a regular basis with
pictures and video
. Very socially active

Vonne, I keep my blog updated on a regular basis with pictures, but I am video challenged at the moment, but if you think I would be a good candidate, I would suggest you send me a free video camera..of good quality of course. I wouldn't want to give "Roger" a bad name with my bad quality porno movies.

And yes, I am very socially active, and have a few diseases to prove it.. I am the "hooker" between Sherbrook and Ellice, (you know the one with the whip). And all my boy friends are named John, who only subscibe to MTS.

This phone will give you a chance to start or continue photo and
Video blogging! We think you will thoroughly enjoy this product and
its features, and if you do, we would encourage you to talk about
it. If you or someone you know fits these criteria we would love to
hear from you!


Now isn't that a joke, I started out making fun of her name, and she signs it Vonne, LOL...I can tell she wants to be my friend.

P.S. Feel free to blog about this offer so fellow bloggers that qualify
can benefit from this too!

Okay all (3-4) of my readers...feel free to take VONNE...on her offer...what a dirtbag!!

I have noticed lately that advertisers have found a new medium, and try to find bloggers to put up their advertising in the side bars. Most of the really popular bloggers don't use the lowly free "blogger"..they use Word Press or some other company they have to pay for to put up their blogs.

I'm wondering where this world of blogging is going to. In a way it's exciting that this is now an attributed forum for so many different venues. From politics..Gardening, cooking, etc. to just shooting the shit. I'ts come a long way baby.

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