Monday, August 14, 2006

okay I got me an Andie Pandie bitch

I know you neighbours on the right hand side of my house have just recently retired. Until this time you have never entertained in your home. You had a cottage at the lake and did it all there. Apparently, from what I see now you have been building an entertainment centre in your backyard. Along with a fire pit. Now, don't get me wrong I loves me a good ole fire just like anyone else when I go to the lake. But, what I don't like is stinky smoke waifting over my deck in the city. I was sitting on the deck, and I smell like a roasted pig. You people no longer live at the lake, and we city folks don't take kindly to wood smoke getting into our eyes and clothes. My husband, the devout Lutheran coughs his lungs up with this smoke.

I realize you have sold your cottage and now are trying to relive that lifestyle in an urban setting. I don't know how to tell you I am pissed off. You have been good neighbours for over 20 years, except for the times your "head injured son" tried to kill my dog, and threw fire crackers on my roof. For those few incidents, I forgave. But, I can't understand your renewed interest in entertaining and setting a fire every night. I love the pond you built, even tho, it's a mosquito pit..and by the way good luck with having all yer grandchildren there every damn day!! I know you are in your freedom years, and your weird son has moved out, but fortheloveofaduck...all you do is yell at the grandkids and tell them not to touch this or that, and try not to drown them in the pond you built.

You have a lovely yard, a yard I would kill for, and sometimes I see you looking over my fence and smirking.. while your eyes survey my eclectic version of a garden and pond theme.

Just because me and mister are having words every Sunday as we are rebuilding the wall of China, gives you no right to put all the smoke in our pie holes. Got it!

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