Monday, August 06, 2007

We met.....

She came all the way from Alaska and stopped in to say howdy-do to me!!!

I have pictures...

I had stars in my eyes or...hummm I may have had one to many drinks and my eyes were popping out of my glasses. But, sweet Katie looks adorable.

We had such a good time. Unfortunately in my haste and hurryment, while I was breathing in a paper bag in anticipation of her arrival I gave her the wrong address on the phone. Fortheloveofpeacockplace, I have lived here for 25 years! So, I stood out front waving in anything that looked like a truck from Alaska. Met some nice people who thought I was having a garage sale. But she found my house!!
We sat on the deck the entire afternoon having lunch, coffee and later snacks and drinks and talked, and talked. I haven't talked to anyone that much since ..never. She is such a lovely person. She had her dog "Charcoal" with her, at first we had a conflict of interest between "Penny the prickess" and her lovely well behaved dog. All I could do is separate them to start off with, but after an hour or so, I made Penny take her attitude inside, and Charcoal had the reign of the backyard. Sometimes, a time out in needed. I am madly in love with Charcoal, it was love at first sight. I guess Penny sensed that.

This is not the best pic, but I was just about to throw the ball and she was waiting for me. She is very beautiful. Gord came home later and we all went OUT for supper. Yes, I actually went OUT. We went to a little restaurant by the river, and we had our own little tiki hut to enjoy the outdoors and the scenery by the river. It was great.

Here is Katie just finishing up her jar of tequila. Man can those gals from Alaska pour down the drinks!! Heh, just kidding, it was water, but in a tiki hut you must drink from a mason jar for some unknown reason. We had a wonderful time catching up in each others lives. Doesn't she look like Sandy Dennis? She has this sweet little voice which I never expected, because I knew she had been singing in bands for years and years, and I was expecting her to have one of those real throaty voices. I asked her to sing for me, just a bit, and my God...I almost pissed my pants..she was so good. ..but we didn't have time to get into all of that which I am sorry for.

I even let her have a snuggle with my Gordy Good Guy.

We met up for a few hours today. Unfortunately she was not feeling well, because she pulled a muscle in her back while slipping in the shower...damn Canadian Hotels!!!... we are waaay to clean, a little crud goes a long way when it comes to grip. So, she and my fav dog in the world (except Penny) will probably stay another day before she hits the road back to the USofA on to more adventures. I admire her. She has conquered so many challenges, and she will get over this little bump in the road. This was the highlight of my vacation. Thanks Katie!! Maybe if you are still here tomorrow you can sing me another tune.

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