Tuesday, August 07, 2007


What can I say about Ellen...Ellen, Bo Bellen ..

Ellen would never expect me to get serious, so I won't. I know she loves all the prayers and stuff, and I do that too, but the only way I know how to express myself is through humour, and ..Ooops.... Hi Ellen, did it look like I was talking behind your back?

You, my dear have always kept me honest, shit I couldn't get nothing past you. You always found me out. I would just have to give a hint of my despair in my blog and you knew. And I thought I was so vague, quietly trying to find some answers without giving out to much information. You always found me out. Even with your problems, you gave me so much hope with Gordy's problems. I will never forget that .. you know.

Best blog comment I ever got was from you after we had a flood in our basement I tried to make a rap song of it ....but man you beat the crap out of my song wit da sizzle and dizzle stuff. I didn't know you were a rapper chick? A school marm no less? I have never forgot that one.

Lord, you must have had clenched teeth reading my blogs, with all the spelling and grammatical errors. It's okay, because Brian (the teach) overlooks my obvious ADD too, that's what good people do.

Ellen Bo Bellen...I have only one thing to say.... when Curtis isn't looking...hide the cord from his electric lawn mower, and let's see how your hillbilly can chew the grass, and then we will know what he is made up of.

Ellen, I hope I have cheered you up a bit, and I know (or don't) how hard it is for you. We will all be in the same shoes one day or another.

I just want to say to you (seriously) Costco rocks!!.. I love the smokies.

(Joan was here for awhile, but I booted her, she gets all teary eyed and crap).

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